Simeone, on his 10 wins against Madrid: “I’ve been lucky”

Diego Pablo Simeone attended the media prior to visiting the elche. The Atlético coach does not want to take stock of the course until the objective of the season has been mathematically achieved.

Athletic Shield/Flag

What grade do you give Atlético this season?

The league is not over yet. There are three very important games left and we focus on Elche, a team that with Francisco has grown, has competed, has changed its system in recent games. It will be a tough, difficult match, but we are not deviating from this match at all.

He completes 400 league games as coach of Atlético.

First, it excites me. It is not easy to have continuity in football. I thank the club, the players and the fans, who have been close, because these 10 very nice years have been generated. To continue working. Football is day to day, you have to win and you have to reach the goals set. To think day by day.

But will there be more than 400?

I will not talk about topics that do not make sense to comment. The present is today and we are focused on Elche. Nothing gets me out of this match.

What mistakes do you see that have been made this season?

When we finish the season, we will assess it globally on how it ends and we will do the analysis with self-criticism and looking at growth.

They have beaten Madrid 10 times in these 10 years, when before Atleti went 14 years without achieving it. How do you rate this jump?

We have been lucky.

Will João Félix be for any match in this League?

I just ran into him, I asked him how he is and I see him really wanting to be there. Hopefully we can have him against Sevilla.