Simeone: “I would doubt continuing at Atlético if the players lost confidence in me”


The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, is clear that the renewal until 2027 has been “very important” and “different” from the previous ones and that he has felt “the joy and energy of continuing to look for more”, while he acknowledged that he would only doubt continuing in the red and white club if he noticed that the players lost “confidence” in him.

“This has been a very important renovation, for me different from the others, it has been several years and I feel the joy, the energy and the desire to continue searching for more. There is a project that we need to continue building and I am working towards it appearing in these years to come,” said Simeone in an interview with ‘El Larguero’ on the SER network.

And that seeking more is about wanting to “be better.” “Instead of finishing third, second, or not waiting 25 years to become champion, but it is not easy, we have to work a lot because we compete in a League with Barcelona and Real Madrid, which are tremendously important and also with the joy of to see teams like Girona that plays brave football or Real that also has football that we like,” he stressed.

“Doing more is getting closer to what we are not getting closer to now, which is winning. Being third makes us generate a better future and positions ourselves to be close to being able to get there, but we have to try to get there because the fans who are going to see us today The demand that is asked of us is not the same as before and that is going to be good for us. Others are also growing and be careful about losing that place that gives you the possibility of getting excited about what you have not achieved. Where we want to get into is that league which from time to time we bother,” added the ‘Cholo’.

Furthermore, in reference to his words after renewing a conversation with Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, in which he assured that after losing the Champions League final in 2016 with Real Madrid, what he needed was for the CEO of Atlético to go to seeing him in Buenos Aires to show him the affection he needed at the time, the Argentine coach was clear about whether that visit would not have taken place. “I probably wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t come, I live a lot of details, which are sometimes more important than many other things,” he warned.

“What would make me doubt is if the players lost confidence, they are always the first. The fans, Miguel (Gil Marín) and Cerezo can change due to the results. What would make me say this is as far as we have come is when I see that the team does not can follow what we are proposing,” he asserted.