Parada leaves ‘Fiesta’: he will accompany Santi Acosta on Fridays with a nostalgic section

There was no farewell in front of the cameras, but there were emotional hugs behind them. It was this past Sunday afternoon at the Fuencarral studios with Jose Manuel Parada as protagonist. The former presenter of Neighborhood Cinemawho turns 70 in three weeks, said goodbye to the magazine presented by Emma Garcia of his own free will after choosing between mom, Mandarina Productions, and dad, the producer of the weekend magazine on Telecinco, Unicorn Content.

Mediaset sources explain to Informalia that Parada has decided to leave voluntarily to jump into the prime time of Telecinco with another production company, Producciones Mandarina, “for a matter of loyalty to the latter, not money.”

Stop, heading to ¡De Viernes!

José Manuel Parada will be in the new heart and current affairs program with which Telecinco tries to regain ground against The voice from Antena 3 on Friday nights. Mediaset’s second attempt to replace the missing one Deluxe will be presented by Beatriz Archidona y Santi Acosta.

The program will feature an exclusive every week, an interview (“with a very famous character” at its premiere, the presenters say), a current affairs discussion with five all-rounders and a space for nostalgia.

In this last section we will see Parada, who is expected to pay tributes to artists in a segment that could be broadcast around midnight. Friday! He explained about the section that will be “a space for nostalgia, with actors from traditional series and movies, legendary singers and unforgettable names from the world of entertainment.”

Problem in Friday prime time

The cancellation of Deluxe Four months ago it caused a sinkhole that they have not filled or The last night, canceled after six deliveries; nor the millionaire Disney cinema (Aladdin, Cruella, The Lion King o Frozen 2). Previously, Telecinco tested Producciones Mandarina and Santi Acosta, producer and presenter of the two substitutes of the legendary Pink sauce (Sweet life y intimate enemies). She did it with a special about Ana Obregón that went unnoticed in April with a sad 9.1% share.

This failure raised doubts in Mediaset when it came to entrusting Friday nights on Telecinco to Producciones Mandarina, which was entrusted with several projects and demanded the election of a co-presenter who will finally be Beatriz Archidona.

A question of fidelity

Parada’s commitment to Producciones Mandarina is related to his friendship with producer Santiago Botello since he rescued him for television with It’s happeningwhich marked the return of Chelo García Cortés’ ex-husband to television after his defenestration in Neighborhood Cinema. At that time the Galician’s reputation was at a minimum: “They told many lies: that I had left money from TVE, that I had had sexual relations with the son of a director and about the video in Melilla with Marujita Díaz, who was so single like me.”

“On all the televisions they showed the video saying that I was drunk, she was without panties and we had had an orgy on the high seas. There was never an orgy. It is a lie that I was drunk, I have never drank alcohol or smoked. Marujita that day was wearing a thong Otherwise, at the age I was, I couldn’t have that black thing,” Parada said in a recent interview with Elcierredigital.

In the aforementioned newspaper he explained that his relationship with Producciones Mandarina was born there: “I don’t forget that they called me to offer me a job, but I didn’t have the strength. Then I worked with their production company (Mandarina) in It’s happening, What a happy time! and currently in space On everyone’s lips“.

It is worth remembering that Parada already honored artists on TVE with the program Friends in the night which he presented with Isabel Pantoja. “With her I presented a special about the copla. The program went so well, and we had a feeling so special that TVE called us so that the television couple could continue. That’s when we introduced Friends in the nightwhich was a nice review of Spanish music with a live orchestra,” recalls the presenter.

Parada is still hurt by the jokes he made Public mirror against him because he supposedly gave bad luck to several recently deceased friends. The presenter states that the morning show “made people laugh saying that I was stuck in the cemetery all day, that I was jinxed and that my friends had to be careful.” The presenter and also a regular on Telemadrid (Good morning Madrid y Together) added: “This is not up to par with the program, which had a very serious line and now it seems that they are copying Save me. They will know, but they have to have a minimum of respect for the living and the dead. On top of that, they have not had the decorum to call me to ask for forgiveness. Only Susanna Griso, through the cameras, wanted to look good by telling me that she was sorry. I am very offended. “You don’t play with those things.”