The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, has expressed satisfaction with the “necessary” victory this Sunday against Almería at the Cívitas Metropolitano (2-1), a match that was played in “that space between the 3 -1 or 2-2”.

“We have many games in a row and we have to be prepared to encounter difficulties. All the games are complex, none of them gives you the peace of mind that you are going to win it calmly. I am happy for a necessary victory and for the 35-minute passages of the first half and the final 10 in which we were good,” he declared at a press conference.

The Argentine coach analyzed the development of the match. “We played against an opponent that also has its needs and that had a complex game, like all First Division teams. There is no game that is so easily resolved. We played 35 very good minutes in the first half, we could have scored a goal more in that phase, and in the end the team began to slow down in order to attack,” he said.

“In the second half the same, they scored a goal and got rid of the fear of losing the game, they bet on tying. In the last 15 we had up to four very clear chances to kill the game. Thus, you reach the end in this agony of 2- 1, with one last play, a corner… We were able to resolve it well, I am happy with those initial 35 minutes and the final 10,” he continued.

In addition, he explained the changes made, three of them at the same time in the 75th minute. “With the changes, the coaches seek to improve what is happening in the game. First we left Griezmann up, with Ángel -Correa- as an intern, and When we saw that the game was starting to get complicated we put Llorente, who has a good counterattack, and that's how it happened, he had two or three very good crosses that we couldn't push. The entry of Molina and Riquelme gave us more speed on the sides “It was 3-1 or 2-2, the game was played in that space,” he indicated.

Regarding the team's performance, he assured that they had “played worse in Valencia.” “The rival also plays. After feeling overwhelmed in those 35 minutes, in which they conceded three goals, because Griezmann's third was just offside, it is normal that at some point they lose their fear of the game and play. They play well “The results of the previous matches were very short, he competed very well,” he concluded.