By surprise and almost without intending it, Carmen Otte has become one of the protagonists of the social chronicle. Bullfighter, Juan Ortega, with whom she had been in a relationship for ten years, stood him up just minutes before saying 'I do' in front of the altar. A week after the now famous 'runaway boyfriend' episode, the cardiologist is still in shockk for what happened.

As Otte's inner circle has assured the magazine Readings, their loved ones have taken a vow of silence so that they are now “a pineapple.” Likewise, those closest to the cardiologist have told the aforementioned magazine that Carmen continues to be “destroyed and sunk.”

“She always got A's, she always had to be the best. She did everything to make her life perfect, she has always directed everything so that it would go well for her. That her future husband left her at the altar, that this happened to her, It had to be a dubious blow,” they have pointed out from those around them.

Juan Ortega's intentions

Carmen Otte takes refuge from the right-hander's sit-in with her closest friends and family. Meanwhile, Juan Ortega, as reported this Saturday in Fiesta, is trying to win her back. “At this moment, what he does want is to resume the wedding plans, since he would not have told the bride the real reasons for the existence of someone from the past,” he said. Omar Suarez in the aforementioned space.

The true media tsunami was unleashed on Saturday, December 2, when the bullfighter stood up his girlfriend just half an hour before the expected 'I do' in Jerez de la Frontera. Up to 500 guests were left with their mouths open as they waited for the ceremony to start in the Church of Santiago. Since then, the reasons that led the bullfighter to make this drastic decision have made for a real soap opera.