Silvio Berlusconi, diagnosed with leukemia: remains in intensive care at the age of 86

Maximum concern for the Italian president, who entered the intensive care unit of the San Rafael hospital in Milan this Wednesday afflicted with pneumonia. Twenty-four hours later, the Italian media affirm that the diagnosis of Silvio Berlusconiat 86 years old, is a leukemia aggravated by pneumonia.

Il Corriere de la Sera reveals that the president of Forza Italia suffers from a serious blood disorder, the same one that caused the previous hospitalization (from March 27 to 30). The pneumonia for which he has been admitted on this occasion is a complication derived from his illness. His five children (Marina, Barbara, Eleonora, Piersilvio and Luigi) have visited him in the hospital in the last hours and his partner, the deputy martha fascinates (33), does not leave his side. Despite the concern caused by his fragile state of health, Silvio’s brother, Pablo Berlusconi, has reassured everyone: “The situation is stationary. It is a rock, it will also come out of this”.

His fellow party members are also optimistic: “We all want to be optimistic. He is our lion. I spoke to his personal doctor this morning. He told me that Berlusconi spent a quiet night and that his conditions are stable.”said the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani.

The owner of Mediaset has had serious health problems for years: in January 2022 he was admitted for a urinary tract infection, in September 2020 he was hospitalized due to bilateral pneumonia after contracting coronavirus and in 2019 he underwent surgery for a intestinal obstruction. Previously, in June 2016, he underwent heart surgery.