Grandpa Lequio will not be at the party they are preparing for Ana Obregón and her granddaughter when she returns to Madrid

It’s an idea of ​​his brothers. Everyone is eager to meet Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón, the granddaughter of Ana Obregon y Alessandro Lequio and they prepare a welcome party for when the artist and the baby land in Madrid in a few weeks.

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The secrecy is absolute, they wanted it to be a surprise for the happy grandmother, but an indiscretion makes us aware of the initiative and we tell it here. We also know that the father of the deceased Alessio Lequio, who is enjoying a few days of vacation in Galician lands with his wife, will not be present at the celebration or at least is not on the ‘organizing committee’. It is logical because the Italian does not agree with many of the things that are happening.

For now, Lequio is silent. Although he has an offer to tell his version of what happened in a medium, as far as we know he has not accepted it. Nor can we confirm that he will react to his return to work after the Easter break when he returns to his chair with Ana Rosa Quintana on Telecinco.

Alessandro Lequio From a legal point of view, he is not the grandfather of little Ana Sandra Lequio, although the genetic load that the baby carries makes him a grandfather as much as Ana is.