Silvia Bronchalo receives a visit: Daniel Sancho’s friends keep her company in Thailand

First time we see the mother of daniel sancho accompanied in Koh Samui. This weekend, Silvia Bronchalo For the first time, she left the hotel where she has been staying for ten days and not to visit her son in prison but to take a walk, have a drink and forget for a few hours the terrible situation she is going through. She did it together with two young men, two of Daniel’s friends who would have traveled to the island to support the family and bring some of the Spanish chef’s personal belongings.

Antenna 3 has shown the images of that first outing. In them, Silvia appears with her hair loose and her face uncovered, without the sunglasses that usually accompany her to the Koh Samui prison. She is serious and thoughtful, but with a relaxed expression and accompanied by two men who, according to the program, are Daniel’s friends. They rented two motorcycles to move around the area and Silvia accompanied one of them as a ‘package’.

The former actress has not gone to jail this weekend, as visits are not authorized on Saturdays or Sundays, but she has done so this Monday. Unlike other days, Silvia wore a large backpack with Daniel’s clothes, books and hygiene products that has left him and everything indicates that they have been provided by these two friends. In addition, Silvia has also deposited 3,000 bats (about 79 euros), which are added to the 4,000 that she already deposited in the first days and with which Daniel can buy food in the small internal supermarket.