“Rubiales has used his daughters, his mother and his cousins,” Teresa Bueyes ditch

Luis Rubiales’ strategy in his search for support has no end. Above all, among the women of his family. This is the opinion of Teresa Bueyes, who has charged Luis for the hunger strike of his mother, who has locked herself in a small church in Motril (Granada).

Oxen has also had words for Luis’s cousins, who have questioned the footballer’s statement. In the program This is life has revealed: “It disgusts me when a woman questions another woman. Sometimes an assault does not manifest itself immediately. In the case of Jenni, at the moment it occurred, I was experiencing a flurry of emotions”, in reference to the intervention of the soccer leader’s cousins, who have left their skin in his defense.

The lawyer recalled the appearance of the now suspended president of the RFEF, when he mentioned his daughters up to two times, making them participants in his speech to the media. She came to question them and slipped: “Don’t cry (…) You are indeed feminists.”

In his strategy of seeking support from women, Rubiales now has to deal with the position of his mother, who has decided to shield herself in the small church of Divina Pastora in Motril. Ángeles Béjar, on a hunger strike, has assured EFE that her son “is incapable of harming anyone.” Luis’s cousins, Vanesa and Demelza, have also let off steam. They have defended him to the death and urge Jenni: “We want you to tell the truth!”