Shevchenko: “The draw was lucky”

The Ukrainian coach, Andrei Shevchenko, today considered the draw of the League of Nations “lucky”, where his team will face Spain, Germany and Switzerland in group 4 of League A.

“Yes, we have had strong teams, but it will be even more interesting to play those games. Such confrontations will be a real experience for our players. Therefore, I consider that the draw was fortunate, “he told the Ukrainian press.

Shevhenko, what He qualified Ukraine for the European Championship as the first of his group ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal, said that “I did not expect easy equipment.” “At this point in the classification, all teams are strong. It is already an achievement for us to access the group with the strongest teams in Europe“, he pointed.

In response to the question of which team worries him most, the coach replied that “The stronger the team, the more interesting it will be to prove what one is worth”. “Our team has no pressure. The tournament has not even started. It was created to give some options to qualify through the League of Nations. But, more than anything, it is a possibility to gain experience, to play with rivals of enjundia. Spain, Germany and Switzerland are waiting for us, world-class teams, “he explained.

As for his team, he admitted that the goal is to “settle in the upper division”. “We'll see if we succeed. We had to work hard to get into League A. For each player it is a great motivation. Show your strength to the best teams in Europe and the world“, He said. In the face of the European Championship, in which Ukraine is inserted in Group C together with the Netherlands, Austria and a team of the repesca to know, considered that the objective is to move on to the next round.