Shakira's new dream comes to light: “They are considering taking one more step”

Shakira closes a year of ups and downs with a new hope. After her latest musical successes and her relationship with the economy, the woman from Barranquilla ends 2023 with a supposed new love.

As reported this Saturday from Socialitethe singer is meeting Rafael Arcautea 44-year-old Argentine producer, who has 18 Latin Grammy Awards, a true eminence in Latin America.

“He is a cultured man, poet and composer. They meet, have dinner and she would be agreeing to go one step further,” the journalist stated. Javier Ceriani to the aforementioned space.

Thus, and according to Telecinco, the producer had already shown interest in Shakira before, but did not move his file because the interpreter of The boss I still had a relationship with Gerard Piqué. It must be remembered that, after more than 12 years of relationship, the former footballer and the singer announced their separation in June 2022.

The Argentine tries to conquer the Colombian “little by little.” It seems that the interest between the two is mutual, since the singer's family already knows him. “She is letting him enter her world. They have dinner, they share and she always puts a stop to it, but he keeps moving forward. She would already be agreeing to take another step with this Argentine,” they stated.