Shakira, outraged: Piqué has not visited his father in the hospital “nor has he been interested in his health”

In recent days there has been talk of a possible visit from Gerard Piqué to the Tecknon clinic in Barcelona to see the father of Shakira, William Mebarak, admitted urgently since last October 17. However, nothing is further from reality.

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“Piqué has not visited him, he has not even been interested in his health,” journalist Adriana Dorronsoro assured this Monday in Ana Rosa’s program. In this way, she has explained that Shakira is “very upset” because things are being told that are not true and that favor the image of her ex.

Shakira’s parents in the hospital

The confusion grew as a result of the fact that this weekend different reporters asked Shakira’s mother about her husband’s health. When asked if Piqué went to the hospital to visit him, Nidia Ripoll replied, “Yes, we are still family.” However, Dorronsoro has clarified that the Colombian singer’s mother misunderstood the question.

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It must be remembered that last July it emerged that Shakira had begged her mother to stop answering questions from journalists after the woman assured that she would like a reconciliation with the father of her grandchildren. Meanwhile, the conflict between Piqué and Shakira to clarify the terms of their separation is still up in the air. They are not married, neither wants the other’s money, but the main concern of both is the custody of their two children, Milan 9 years old and Sasha of 7.