Macarena Olona puts Jorge Javier Vázquez as an ‘example’ of an abuser: “Dragged golfer”

Macarena Peopleformer Vox deputy, has messed it up on Twitter by putting Jorge Javier Vazquez as an ‘example’ of an abuser. In a video to promote her new project, the ultraconservative has chosen two controversial fragments of the presenter in Save me.

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One of them, when the one from Badalona grabbed the arm of Oblivion Ants during a Deluxe 2013. The former Los Yébenes councilor said: “Don’t grab me like that. But hey…”. In the other chosen fragment, the one from Badalona says about another woman in 2011: “Around here we can think that she has to go to work in a place with little lights because she looks like a dragged slut who can’t handle her… Come on now! , dirty!”.

All this, while in Olona’s video one of his speeches in the Congress of Deputies is heard: “What is a man for you? How do you have the little shame of making political carrion with suffering, violence or mistreatment “A man does not rape, a rapist rapes. A man does not kill. A murderer kills. A man does not mistreat. An abuser mistreats. And a man does not humiliate. He humiliates a coward. As a woman, a Spaniard, a mother, a sister and a politician, I affirm that violence has no gender.

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The ultra-conservative denies sexist violence, a social scourge that has killed more than 1,000 women since records began in 2003.