A judge from Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) has agreed to send the singer Shakira to trial for six crimes against the Public Treasury, for which the Prosecutor’s Office asks her for a total of eight years and two months in jail and a fine of 23.8 million of euros.

In an order, made public this Tuesday, September 27, the head of the trial court number 2 of Esplugues has decided to open the oral trial of the Colombian singer so that she can be tried in the Barcelona Court, accused of defrauding 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014, simulating that he did not reside in Spain.

Last June, the Public Prosecutor presented his indictment before the aforementioned court, after the Barcelona Court confirmed that he should go to trial, given the indications that since 2012 he had established his residence in our country and , therefore, was obliged from then on to pay taxes here.

The Colombian artist, who has already returned the 14.5 million required by the Tax Agency and another three from interest, is prosecuted as a result of the complaint that the Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office filed against her for six crimes against the Public Treasury.