Criticism against ‘Masterchef’ intensifies and TVE deletes the latest program from its website due to the controversy with Jordi Cruz

“The criticism is getting stronger against Masterchef for what happened in its last installment, broadcast last Wednesday, when a contestant decided to voluntarily leave citing personal reasons -“I’m not well“he said – and was met with an angry reaction from Jordi Cruzone of the judges.

The situation has reached such a point that TVE has removed the program from its website in a decision that contrasts with the one that led it to broadcast it on La 1, because it is understood that the network sees beforehand everything it is going to offer to viewers. “LThe Corporation has removed the latest MasterChef program from RTVE Play and its networks. We regret the broadcast of content that should not have happened. Management has strengthened internal controls to avoid similar episodes. RTVE reiterates its commitment to mental health“.

The controversy broke out when Tamara announced, by surprise, that she was going to Masterchef because she was not feeling well. The reaction of the judges, especially that of Jordi Cruz, was really harsh and a very tense scene occurred that was truly uncomfortable.

Tamara announced her abandonment: “There are moments in which I feel more comfortable and others less comfortable with the situation, with the experience in general… And here there are colleagues who I am clear deserve it more than me. And I don’t see myself in the final so I’m leaving“said the participant. Both Samantha Vallejo-Nágera as Pepe Rodriguez They were surprised: “What are you leaving? At these hours? So, I pick up and go“Rodríguez replied with an annoyed tone. “But why?“he asked him.

To which she replied: “Because I don’t feel comfortable Pepe. I am also not giving everything I would like and I am constantly nervous, in tension, pressure… I understand that in the end it is a program, but we all make a decision and I want to make this decision“she clarified.

Jordi Cruz then entered into combat: “Pepe is asking you questions, I wouldn’t ask you any. He’d just tell you, ‘Okay, bye.’‘”. “Vale“she simply responded.”You have taken away people’s opportunities.“he remarked.”No, of course, but I feel very frustrated and I don’t feel like continuing in the same dynamic. I’m not fine, I’m not fine. So, forgive me, it is more important to be well than to disappoint all of you, with all the love in the world. I’m so sorry“, she said.

Vallejo-Nágera, for his part, recalled: “Yes, you already told us once that the first thing was your well-being, then that of your mother, then that of your husband and then that of your two-year-old son.“. Tamara nodded and Cruz attacked: “Very good, bye“. He approached her to ask for the apron and show her the way out: “Your door“. Politely, she said goodbye: “Gracias“. And they returned to the stove: “We continue, absolutely nothing has happened here“.

That bad experience that the contestant experienced unleashed great criticism on social networks, with continuous calls for the importance of mental health. Even the minister Monica Garcia echoed it.