Shakira, more emphatic than ever about Piqué, her children and her lyrics: “I am not a UN diplomat, I am an artist and, above all, a woman”

Shakira He is going through one of the most intense moments of his life. To the breakup with Gerard Piqué A period of great professional success has followed, pouring into his music the frustration he has felt during this time due to the athlete’s infidelity with Clara Chia, his current girlfriend. However, the Colombian singer values ​​the “resilience” that she has shown during these months, the support of the public and, above all, the love of her children. With the Latin Grammy gala about to start, and with seven nominations behind her, she herself has spoken at length about where she is, on an artistic and, above all, professional level.

The one from Barranquilla was once again on everyone’s lips when, at the beginning of this year, she released her song with producer Bizarrap, BZRP Music Sessions #53. After remaining silent about her separation from the athlete, the singer attacked him through a string of very harsh ‘bars’ – phrases sung in rap. The song swept the world, an impact that Shakira appreciates. “The people on my team tried to convince me to change the lyrics, but I I am not a UN diplomat. “I am an artist and, above all, a woman,” she explains to Hola this Wednesday.

The breakup meant a resurgence in every sense. “I have always been honest with myself. I cannot live in a world where I have to hide my feelings,” says Shakira, who values ​​the strength with which she has faced this process. “I thought I was much more fragile than I am. I have also understood that friendship is longer than love.” “I have been able to pick up what I had left behind for many years. “Thanks to God and the love of the public, it is as if I had never left.”

The singer also has words for her children, Milan and Sasha, who have given her the strength necessary to move forward. There are those who have questioned at this time the stability of the little ones in the face of their parents’ open war. However, Shakira assures that they are “happy”, especially when establishing her life in Miami (USA) after her time in Barcelona. “They go to their extracurricular activities without anyone chasing them,” thank you. The truth is that the artist does not have great memories of Barcelona. “In Spain I dedicated myself to raising my children and supporting my ex-partner’s career. My career suffered from being away from the music industry,” she is honest.

Likewise, in recent months the singer has also been very aware of the health of her father, who had to be hospitalized. “From my father I have learned to endure the attacks of life. What he has endured and overcome physically in the last year and a half, at his age, has no explanation whatsoever,” he points out.