Once your separation agreement has been ratified with Gerard Piqué, Shakira He has begun preparations for his departure to Miami, which is set for a month from now.

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Last Thursday, coinciding with her last face-to-face with the former soccer player, the singer’s lawyers informed the former defense’s legal team that the date chosen to permanently leave Barcelona with her children is January 7 or 8, just after celebrating the Kings with their paternal family.

An imminent move that the Colombian is preparing with enthusiasm. You are looking forward to leaving Spain behind, where she has problems with the Treasury, to start a new life in the United States with her little ones, Milan 9 years old and Sasha of 7. Earth in between to forget the last complicated months.

It has been precisely with this week of bridge for the Day of the Constitution and the Immaculate Conception when Shakira could have given a boost to the transfer of her belongings to Miami. The Barranquilla star, with a big smile, has been seen at the Barcelona airport wearing comfortable clothes and loaded with a total of six suitcases, three of them large.

Taking advantage of the fact that Milan and Sasha spend these days with their father, the singer of Waka Waka He has put land in the middle again and, just a week after traveling to Santander to surf on the beach of Oyambre (Cantabria) with his children, he has left Barcelona without the company of his little ones.

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On this occasion, she has traveled accompanied by her inseparable brother, Tonino, and in the airport terminal she has met a friend again. This weekend, in addition, the artist herself denied having a sentimental relationship with her surf instructor: “My dream is to dedicate myself to my children,” she stressed via statement. Piqué, meanwhile, is happily in love with the twenty-something Clara Chia.