the concert of Enrique Iglesias in Saudi Arabia, he once again questions the morality of some artists when they perform, or refuse to do so, in countries that seriously violate Human Rights. Shakira, Rod Steward o Dua Lipa They refused to sing at the World Cup in Qatar, due to the tyranny of that nation with religious or social minorities, the LGTBIQ+ collective and women.

But much is still being discussed about attending the World Cup as a form of complicity with a dictatorial regime that considers women third-division human beings, totally subject to the will of men, and condemns homosexuals. like criminals.

In reality, if there is a mistake in going or not to the matches of a country without liberties, in which foreign workers are treated like slaves, it is not in the foreign fans who come to watch football. In any case, the powerful should be held accountable lobby of football, which the emirate has chosen to celebrate the championship in the middle of winter, breaking the League calendar and disrupting the sports rhythm of the players.

Having said this, the unequal treatment received by other Gulf countries is striking, where the situation of civil liberties and religious intransigence is even harsher, to unbearable limits, especially for women. We are talking about countries where they cannot dress freely because they have the obligation not to display any part of their body. They cannot marry or divorce freely, without the permission of their guardian or parent. They cannot leave their home even if they are mistreated. In countries where they even suffered stoning not many years ago, the last known in 2015.

We talk about Saudi Arabia. It is the country where he rules with absolute power, the prince Mohamed Bin Salmanheir to the throne and de facto ruler, the same person who, according to CIA reports, ordered the assassination of the journalist Yamal Kashoggi in 2018, which led to the worldwide rejection of Prince MBS, “persona non grata” for several years, until the power of his immense fortune returned to rehabilitate the prince whom some countries, such as the United States, described as a murderer.

These days were celebrated in Saudi Arabia a World Tourism Congress, and the surprise guest was Enrique Iglesias, who performed for the attendees, chaired by the country’s Minister of Tourism. The son of Isabella Preysler y Julio Iglesias had no objection to singing in one of the most questioned nations in the world, in exchange for a crowd cache. Of course, the girls of her choir, this time were covered up to their feet, with dark clothing that hid the attractions of her body. Money can do everything, petrodollars, too.

A month ago, Enrique also sang for a massive audience in Qatar, shortly before the start of the World Cup. Among the guests, his sister Tamara Falco, which this time, did not make any pleas in favor of the Virgin Mary, the Christian faith and the traditional family. Just in case.