Shakira, back in Colombia: her father returns to the hospital to undergo a delicate operation

The reason why the artist left Barcelona is discovered. Three days after landing in Barcelona she returned to Miami with 20 suitcases, a change of plans that was not in the script, because Shakira she had planned to stay until June 19, when her children’s time with Gerard Piqué. The reason is the health of his father, William Mebarakwho has returned to the hospital.

The singer first took a flight with a stopover in Miami, where she took the opportunity to attend a Heats game, heating up rumors about a special relationship with the player Jimmy Butler. This Thursday, first thing in the morning, Shakira and her brother Tonino have taken a jet to Cartagena de Indias. As soon as they landed, they went to the Serena del Mar Clinic, where her father is hospitalized.

William Mebarak, 91, has been in a delicate state of health since he suffered a domestic accident that caused neuronal damage. In Barcelona, ​​they advised against carrying out new interventions, but Shakira consulted with renowned professionals and found the team that, finally, will try to alleviate the patriarch’s hydrocephalus by implanting a Hakim valve. The operation will be carried out at the Serena del Mar Clinic, where a specialized medical team from the Fundación Santa Fe, in Bogotá, led by Dr. Fernando Hakim, has traveled.

Shakira is very close to her parents, whom she visited briefly just before flying to Barcelona with Milan and Sasha to hand them over to Gerard Piqué. According to the agreement they signed, the children had to spend 66% of the holidays with the father, although it seems that the interpreter of the Waka-Waka does not agree with this point and the lawyers for both parties are renegotiating. For now, it will be June 19 when the minors leave Barcelona and return to Miami with their mother.