Carmen Martínez Bordiú stands up to Tamara at her wedding: the last contempt for Isabel Preysler?

We will not see the former Duchess of Franco on July 8 at the El Rincón palace. Carmen Martinez Bordiu is one of the 400 lucky ones who have received the invitation to attend the link of Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva but he has confirmed that he will not attend. The reason? It’s vacation and she will be with her grandchildren.

It is the justification that he has offered to the program And now Sonsoles and that for some it is too poor: “The holidays are all summer and this is only one day, right?”, said Tamara Gorro. Inevitable to remember the differences between Carmen Martínez Bordiú and Isabella Preysler and if these could have something to do with the decision of the last one. They met at the age of 18 and became a fantastic friendship for decades until the first one coincided with Chábeli on the program tombola, where the eldest daughter of Julio Iglesias faced the gatherings and ended up furiously leaving the set. Preysler considered that her friend had not stood up for her daughter and withdrew from her. They reconciled some time later, but the friendship was never what it was before.

Tamara’s wedding, in fact, was the perfect setting for the public reconciliation of the two friends. However, Carmen Martínez Bordiú’s sit-in leaves many with the desire.

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‘fake’ guests

This Thursday, the very Inigo Onieva has expanded the information about the list of guests at his wedding, denying that Isabel Diaz Ayuso o Martinez Almeida appear in it: “It would be an honor but we have not invited them”, said the engineer.

Yes they will come as published a few days agothe models Jon Kortajarena and Eugenia Silva, the stylist Juan Avellaneda, the designer Carolina Herrera and the El Hormiguero team (Pablo Motos, Nuria Roca and Cristina Pardo, among others).