Shakira and her real interest in going to Miami: did she see herself there with a man four months ago?

Shakira could have a new sentimental illusion on the other side of the Atlantic. Apparently the one from Barranquilla would have already forgotten about Gerard Piqué, no matter how many songs I dedicate to her, still spiteful. The singer, who travels whenever possible to the American city, where she wants to go live with her children as soon as possible, she could already have been in a relationship for four months with a man who lives in the capital of Florida.

Shakira could have already shelved her past with Piqué with a man in Miami, be in love again and have started a relationship for months with a stranger. The program socialite echoed the information made public by ok diarybecause “it would mean a clandestine romance that would now be seeing the light. The rumors are very strong,” they have assured.

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The Colombian would have taken advantage of each of her trips to the other side of the pond to see herself with a new illusion; she would be a mysterious man she would have met in Miami. It would not even be her relationship prior to the one she has maintained with Piqué, Antonio de la Rúanor his friend Alejandro Sanzwith whom he also shares a profession.

On her recent visit to American soil, the singer found herself at a New York Islanders hockey game with the presenter Carson Dalywith whom he worked years ago when they both coincided in The Voicehe as the host of the program and she as part of the judges, along with Usher y Adam Levine. However, the new love would not be this former co-worker with whom she posed on his last trip.

Shakira remains single and focused on her career and her children, but also with a view to moving back to Miami, something she has wanted to do at all costs since the end of last year, and the health of her parents, for the moment, makes it He has prevented.

The singer’s father William Mebarack, after suffering a head injury, has been hospitalized several times in the last year in Barcelona, ​​and has even had to undergo surgery. The his mother, Nidia Ripoll, was admitted urgently this month. Fortunately, she has been discharged in a few days and she is already recovering at home.

This same week it has been known that Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia they could be considering a polyamorous relationship, and now we discover that Shakira would have already left her past with the soccer player behind and would have found love again. At the moment, the interpreter is taking advantage of all the lucrative things that she finds to release the latest songs of spite and heartbreak for her.