Setién: “We have already apologized to everyone for Eder Sarabia”

In a preview of the interview published this Friday in El Periódico, and published by journalists Marcos López and Joan Domènech, Quique Setién, coach of Barcelona, ​​anticipates what he will say in the press conference tomorrow. He says that “they have asked for forgiveness” for the ways of Eder Sarabia: “(…). It has affected me a lot. The first thing I think about is in the club and in the club's image. It must be an impolute image, you have to take care of it. It's a topic worries me a lot. It is something very important to me. They can criticize us because you make the changes wrong, because you pose the parties wrong … For whatever reason, but not for the behavior. It is true that you have to understand people and moments. We are not all equal. Eder is a kid who has a great temper, which for many things is phenomenal. But you have to learn to control yourself. It is in it, try to improve this issue because we have already had situations of these. More and more sporadic, but … But it's something we don't like. It is no excuse that these situations are seen on the benches. It is an issue that Eder is trying to solve. He is a young kid, an impulsive kid, who has a lot of energy, which for many things is tremendously positive. But we are on the bench of a club you represent and the behavior should be faultless. It is true that there is an isolated moment in which anything can happen to you, you go crazy and you go down, but this must be tried to control it. “

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He acknowledges having made a mistake

Asked if he had spoken to him, he said: “Of course we talked. He is also worried. We don't care about this situation. It is a subject that we must improve ourselves. It is trying to put solution. And he is working for it. We have already apologized that we have to ask. And especially me because, in the end, it's my fault. I have to control these things. We have apologized everyone, everyone … It is a behavior that we should not have. Because there is another way of saying things. It is not a matter of giving explanations to the template. We are not comfortable with these things. It is a mistake we have made and we must try to avoid it. This is not the same. Nor do we extend further and I do not mean that this has come out. It is a bit embarrassing that it becomes news and has a dimension like the one it has acquired. That is embarrassing. That the media use a camera that is permanently following you on the bench. It is something that should be eradicated. It is something that should end. You can't be all day with your hand in your mouth. I don't have to force myself to cover my mouth. It's unfortunate that these things happen. “