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The Norwich goalkeeper made a cutlet with the Tottenham pitchers, but stopped the two in which he ignored

Tim Krul (left), congratulated by his companions.
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Making fun of the most sacred tradition of magicians, never to reveal their tricks, Tim Krul He approached the Norwich fans who had moved to the Tottenham Stadium and revealed their secret. A vulgar bottle of water transformed into the new Holy Grail of the 'Canaries', colista of the Premier League. Around him, in pen and on tape, the secret of his classification for the quarterfinals of the FA Cup. Or not?

The scenario is as follows. The Tottenham and the Norwich They reach the end of the 90 minutes of the cupping duel tied to one goal and neither is able to decant the balance in extra time. A disappointment for the whole of Jos Mourinho, unable to defeat in his own stadium the worst team in the Premier League, sunk at the bottom of the standings. The penalty shootout must be resolved when the round passes.

In Norwich's goalkeeper is Tim Krul, a life insurance in batches, despite the fact that his statistics on ordinary penalties are nothing of the other world: only six of the 51 who have thrown him have not finished in goal, about a 12% But when instead of one there are five, Krul transforms. And here comes the 2014 World Cup. Holland Y Costa Rica They reached the end of the 120 minutes of their quarterfinal game tied to one goal. Faced with the inevitable batch, Louis Van Gaal make the surprising decision to remove Cillessen from the field so that it is Krul who faces the penalties. The now Norwich goalkeeper guessed the direction of the five pitches, stopped two of them and Holland advanced to the semifinals.

That memory was alive at the beginning of the round at Tottenham Stadium and Krul could be seen enjoying himself in his sauce. Before each penalty, strange movements, trying to provoke or at least distract the pitcher. And in almost all of them, a curious movement towards the outer side of his goalkeeper, swallow of water and under sticks again to do his job. Die hit Lamela he sends it to the crossbar; The Celso hit Parrott he bumps into Krul; Gedson also. The Norwich wins the 3-2 round and the madness breaks loose.

The bottle

When Krul takes that suspicious bottle and shows it to the stands and, therefore, to the television cameras, the apparent secret is revealed. In it had the goalkeeper noted the direction that had to be pulled to stop the pitches of the Tottenham players. The five pitchers chosen by Mourinho appear in the cutlet consulted by Krul before each penalty. The bottle as an object of worship. Or not?

As fascinating as the story is, reality is a distinct good. Krul follows his notes to the letter in the first three penalties. In the first one, although I can't stop it; in the second he throws himself to the opposite side of the pitch and saves the crossbar; and in the third, he goes to the indicated side and Lo Celso sends him to the other. Written remains, those who stop Krul are the last two. The cutlet tells him that before Parrott he pulls to his right and he does it, rightly, to the left. And the guideline before Gedson was to stand still, but Krul throws himself back to his left and stops him.

It wasn't the bottle, it was Krul.

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