The season ended satisfactorily for Cádiz, but now is the time to look back and take stock of the work done. And that is what the Cadiz team is doing. In this case, Sergio González, his coach, assessed the team’s campaign since his arrival in an interview for the official media of the Cadiz club.

Cadiz Shield/Flag

Balance of work done. “The team has competed very well. It has believed in the idea that we brought to turn around the situation in which we arrived and has executed it in a brutal way. I have always said that we are very happy with how they accepted us. That is key We came convinced that we could move forward with the situation, but they were the ones who in the following two or three weeks convinced us that this was going to be possible. From then on it has been feedback, they with us and us with them I believe that the permanence has been more than deserved”.

It was hard for the coach to keep a moment of the seasonsince “it is difficult. At the moment when you sign because both the president and the sports management give you the opportunity, that is already a high moment because it allows you to be a coach again, to enter a locker room to do what you really you like it. And then, when your last game is over and you know you’ve achieved it, it’s a bunch of images and moments that form a cocktail in your head that’s hard to assimilate. Because the ending was like a Hitchcock movie.”

Of course, he was also asked by the worst moment. “At the locker room level there have been no bad moments. As for a specific game, I think that after the Mallorca game it was the one that perhaps cost us the most to recover from. So much so that we have had it in our backpack until the last day. Perhaps That was the most complicated because we knew that he was a direct rival, that he was going to be with us until the end”.

The message for the fans is clear: “Thank you very much. I have been lucky as a footballer and as a coach to have important receptions in several places where I have been, but this year’s ones have been overwhelming. We had the thorn of not having lived up to those receptions. I think that with salvation we have returned all that love that they have shown us with those receptions that made us believe in ourselves even more. The footballers, on the field, have returned that in the best way to the fans, everything that they were giving them at the level of encouragement and drive”.