Sergio González: “We are here to look straight at Real Madrid”

“It’s a good moment, but Madrid makes it disappear in a snap”


The Cádiz CF coach, Sergio González, assured that the team is in a good moment and with the capacity to look “head-on” at Real Madrid, their rival this Saturday on matchday 29 of LaLiga Santander, although he believes that they will have to appeal to the Nuevo Mirandilla’s energy to have more options to get something positive against a “great rival”.

“We are in a moment where we can look any rival in the face, even Real Madrid. And with the necessary humility to compete, attack, run and be able to win duels. And at home the fans make you stronger and more complete”, he stated at a press conference.

Sergio reiterated that they are in a good moment, although this may not be of much use against Real Madrid. “We have had a very good journey. We have a good base, we compete well, with soul and character, but we know that we have to be in tune to win the games. But Madrid can make your good moment disappear in a snap,” he warned.

Despite the fact that the whites are immersed in the Champions League quarterfinal tie -they beat Chelsea 2-0 this week in the first leg, in Madrid-, the coach of the Cádiz team thinks that the whites will arrive with everything . “We are going to prepare the game thinking about the best version of the rival, with whatever names they are,” he said.

“Real Madrid has many alternatives, it can play associative but it is lethal in transitions, with a lot of speed. It has the technical capacity to overflow. It is a total team, we will have to be very strong, together on the lines and minimize errors. And make them run backwards “He highlighted the rival.

Anyway, he remains with his Cádiz is working well, with “confidence”. “I think that the coup d’état from the other day has taken away the previous ghosts of situations in the last seconds, and we are going with total confidence to play a good game against a great rival,” he said, after beating Real Betis 2-0 in the last day

“We always approach matches with the idea of ​​winning. We understand who we’re playing against, the coach and players they have and what you have to try to do. But at home we have courage, and we want that energy to be transmitted to the people and to be a double force against the rival. Everything comes together for us to play a good game”, he summed up.

On a personal level, he spoke of his future at Cádiz given that his contract ends this summer, at the end of the season. “We work very well with the full confidence of the noble zone, and with results. We work from tranquility and confidence and being able to dedicate many hours to solving situations,” he said.

“On the sheet (contract) it does not say that if we save ourselves, we renew. But the sensations are good. We are focused on achieving the objective and if we achieve it, we understand that we will agree, sure. If you feel valued, you like it continue in the same place”, he added.