Achraf Hakimi, in ‘bankruptcy’: his economic strategy in the middle of the divorce process from Hiba Abouk

Unexpected turn in the divorce process Hiba Abouk y Achrafi Hakimi. The actress of Prince and the Paris Saint-Germain footballer are separated amid the controversy facing the athlete for the alleged rape of a young woman at his home in Paris on February 25.

Although, as Hiba herself assured, her decision to divorce was made before learning about this situation. “The reality is that it had been a while since, after thinking about it a lot, the father of my children and I made the decision to end our relationship,” stated in a statement.

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Now, both are immersed in the corresponding divorce agreement that, as we mentioned, has taken a turn. The French medium First Mag He has revealed that Hiba “asked for half of the assets and money” from the PSG defender, but he “has nothing”. And it is that the beneficiary of Hakimi’s salary and assets is his mother, Selling.

“When they arrived at the courts, they realized that Achraf Hakimi had no assets and nothing in the bank. Ashraf Hakimi had long ago put all his assets in his mother’s name,” says the aforementioned media. Currently, the player is one of the highest paid footballers in the French league with one million euros per month. However, they would end up in the bank account of the family matriarch.

Statement by Hiba Abouk

“Today I feel the duty to make this statement public to express my state of mind and clarify in first person the erroneous information that is circulating. And even when silence may favor certain sensitive topics or issues, I have the urgent need to explain myself, in order to be able to resume my personal, public and professional life in the least harmful and traumatic way possible, protecting my children above all, who are, of course, my absolute priority.

The reality is that it was some time ago that, after thinking about it a lot, the father of my children and I made the decision to end our relationship, long before the events in which I have been involved in the media and which I am totally oblivious. After making the decision to legally separate and stop living together, pending the divorce proceedings, who would have imagined that in addition to facing the well-known pain that a separation entails, and accepting the grief that the failure of a family project entails to whom I had given myself body and soul, I would have to face this ignominy. I have needed time to digest this shock.

It goes without saying that in my life I have always been and will always be on the side of the victims, therefore, given the seriousness of the accusation, we can only trust in the good conduct of justice. I beg you to respect my privacy and that of my children in these delicate circumstances. Thank you to all the people who have shown me their support, love and respect.”

The ‘Hakimi case’

All eyes are on Achraf Hakimi after being charged with rape on March 3. The Nanterre Prosecutor’s Office kept an investigation open against the actress’s husband after a young woman went to a Val-de-Marne police station stating that the footballer had sexually abused her on February 25.

An accusation that the PSG right-back categorically denies, as one of his best friends told Fiesta. The young man had a chance to speak to Hakimi before the news broke fully and he assured him that “he had been set up” and that he “felt cheated”. The indictment does not mean that Achraf will be prosecuted and the presumption of innocence prevails until he is sentenced, in the case, not yet confirmed, that there is a trial. But, according to French justice, it means that “there are serious or concordant indications” that the Moroccan national team player was the author of the attack.

The young woman, with whom the athlete began to have contact on networks on January 16, did not formalize the complaint at the police station but the Prosecutor’s Office took charge of the case due to the “seriousness of the events reported and the notoriety of the accused.” According to the girl’s story, the soccer player contacted her through Instagram and invited her to her home on Saturday, February 25, when her wife and her two children were on vacation.

“At the footballer’s house is where things got out of control. Achraf kissed her on the mouth, lifted her clothes and kissed her breasts despite her refusal. He practiced vaginal touching despite, again, that she resisted, “he published French outlet Le Parisien. As we published, the Spanish-Moroccan lawyer, Fanny Colin, has already sent a statement to the media describing the woman’s acts as an “extortion attempt” and ensures that her client is “calm and available to justice.” At the moment, Hakimi continues training with the Parisian team.