Selling to Cillessen, essential to balance the accounts

The Valencia have a problem with Jasper Cillessen and it is found under the heading Annual cost Of the template. Anil Murthy has commissioned Cesar Sánchez (and other departments) fasten their seatbelts (lower between a 10 and 25% the € 160M which costs this year the sports squad) and with Cillessen the accounts do not come out. The Dutch, between salary and amortization, comes out to Valencia for about 11 million annually. So you are looking for destination this summer although the task has its financial engineering point because everything that not to transfer you for € 26.25M (what remains to be amortized from the 35 of his transfer) would go to losses.

Cillessen, even without being the footballer who receives the most salary neither is the most expensive signing (It is Guedes, € 40M, although the transfer of the Portuguese pays for itself in five years contract and that of the Dutch, in four), yes it is the one more percentage of Annual cost of insole absorbs (about 7%). Valencia have an economic problem with Cillessen and not a sports one, although their performance either is being according to such salary range.

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Cillessen has headline poster, although with a small mouth. With Celades, Cillessen has played 19 start matches (plus the first three with Marcelino) for the 17 by Jaume Domenech (In 10 of those 17 games, Cillessen dropped for injuredn). But Jaume has left five times his goal to zero, by four in the Dutch international. It must be said that Cillessen, like Jaume, are paying for the broken dishes of the defensive weakness che (57 goals concededs in all 36 games with Celades).