Selena Gomez and her foam bath: the photo that sweeps social networks

Selena Gomez has enjoyed an express trip to Paris these days in which you have had time to walk through the most beautiful streets of the city, taste its famous croissants and relax in a hotel among aromas and bubble baths. She has not lacked anything, and she has demonstrated it herself on her Instagram profile.

The 31-year-old singer's public is lunes a photographic report of his 40 hours in the French capital which accompanied the announcement of his new single, One Love, which will be available starting February 22. And among the images that have attracted the most attention among users there is a curious portrait in the bathtub.

En at the instant, The actress poses with her back in the air and her arms raised. Her body is full of foam and her hair is tied up in a casual bun. In front of a mirror you can see her face in profile and a bathroom that combines marble elements and gold details. Along with this image, she has also published a portrait walking around the Eiffel Tower and spending time in a cafe.

A few days ago, the performer received a wave of support on social networks for talking openly about her body. In her stories she published an image of her early youth and a current photograph, acknowledging that It has been painful for him to admit that he would “never” have his old physique again.

However, this was not the only time that Justin Bieber's ex spoke about this topic. She was diagnosed with lupus in 2015., when he was 23 years old, and then began taking medication for his bipolar disorder. She went through periods marked by unstable mental health due to her poor relationship with herself, her weight changes and media pressure. However, after several years of therapy, she is now having a good time.

She herself has talked about it in her latest interviews, in which she admits to having worked on her self-love. She assures that she takes great care of her relationships and does not settle for anything. Currently she has been seen very happy with her friends, among whom is the singer Taylor Swift -a video of both laughing and gossiping at the Golden Globes gala swept the Internet-, and with her new boyfriend, the producer Benny Blancowith whom she started dating last year, although it was only a few weeks ago when she confirmed her romance.