Ramos offers Mbappé one of his La Moraleja cases: this is how he paves the way for Real Madrid

The rumors are getting stronger and stronger. Kylian Mbappe is preparing to begin his time in Spain after a long period playing for Paris Saint-Germain, according to reports Brand, which also ensures that the player signed his contract two weeks ago to play for Real Madrid CF for five seasons. Those who have seen him grow up in the countryside celebrate this news, and among them is Sergio Ramos. It is said, in fact, that the Sevillian has offered him a house in Madrid.

“Mbappé wants to go live in La Finca because it is the safest place in Madrid. No one enters without the owner of the house authorizing it. Meanwhile, Sergio Ramos has told him if he wants to go live in his house. He has two houses in La Moraleja, one is the one he lives in and he has another from when he arrived at Real Madrid,” journalist Eduardo Inda reported this Monday in The Jugones Chiringuito.

The communicator explained that both homes “are property.” “One is the big one, which is the one he lives in when he lives in Madrid. He has another one that is Ronaldo Nazario's from when he lived in Madrid,” he commented.

To Pilar Rubio's husband He doesn't care if someone he trusts comes to live in his house, Well, neither he nor his family spend time there, they now live in the Andalusian capital, where he trains to play for Sevilla CF. Furthermore, it should be said that Ramos and Mbappé played for the French club, and although they now enjoy their new contracts, they are still in contact and advising each other. The Sevillian believes that La Moraleja is the best option for his friend to establish his life there.

“No one lives there and it is for sale for 6 million. It is not a small number either. In La Finca the large ones cost about 12 million. They have told Mbappé that La Finca is far from the Ciudad Deportiva and that La Moraleja is five minutes away by car,” Inda told Josep Pedrerol and the rest of the table. The house's advertisement was no longer available on February 5, a few days after the French forward agreed to sign for Real Madrid.