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There are few football clubs that more easily intertwine drama and bliss. The Sports he has been in his blood since that afternoon of 91 that opened his contemporary history ascending to Primera in the middle of a fire in Riazor. Party and scare, a warning.

Then he has been facing episodes of novels, because the same loses a League for failing a penalty In the last minute he later won a Cup in a final played in two acts because of a storm of biblical tone. Or is it able to snatch a title in the Bernabu to Madrid the day of his Centenary to later ruin a semifinal of Champions for a kick of joke (Andrade a Deco). Vrtigo in the elite and in Second, where without going any further in a few months, last year, rubbed the return to First in Majorca (header of Mar in 94) to be seen in December nine points of permanence in the silver category.

As he arrived Fernando Vzquez to the bench on the eve of the last New Year's Eve, with the team and the city assuming that Deportivo paid his sins in Second B next season. These same players will be considered phenomena if they win six straight games, he said the day of his presentation, perhaps with the crystal ball under the table. Today his team sports a streak of six consecutive wins and their fans, instead of cruelly counting on the day in which they mathematically descend, begin to look at the temperate zone of the table, with four points of colchn on the red spots .

To them, to the followers of Deportivo, the coach went to his first press conference, before talking about soccer players, the winter market or tactics. Salvation went from being a chimera to a real goal. As impossible as it may seem, it is possible. The fans have to take a step forward, interpellate in Galician a fan in flight from Riazor, not wanting to see live the sinking of his beloved shield. In that conference I emphasized the importance of the social mass, especially in critical situations. If you are in Tercera and 8,000 people are going to see you, you are a great, record before almost kneeling at the microphone. Please, please, that hobby that does not come to the stadium, come, we need it to save us, I beg. This Saturday, the victory against Las Palmas was applauded by 27,000 spectators, an almost full.

The streets, with the team

The city lives a revolution. Its connection with the stands is still key, analyzes Carlos Alberto Fernndez, sports chronicler for the EFE agency and the DXT newspaper. The flags have returned to the balconies and people take to the street to receive the team, as in the great afternoons. On Saturday, coach Corus got off the bus to distribute hugs and sign autographs while his players paraded towards the locker room, before the game. Then, with the three points, another good time was spent on the lawn thanking the public.

This hour and a half signing autographs and crowding selfies in the parking lot, they reveal from the club, impacted by the force of the Vzquez effect. He was signed as the last bullet, in search of that magical point claimed by the impossible feats, but he did not expect the new directive such a reaction. In fact, in his contract he spoke with resignation of the Second B, something he commented naturally on his first day. Misfortune and the miracle, again hand in hand in the life of Deportivo.

The players welcomed him with his soul on his feet. Until the crude confession of one of them in Instagram It went viral. We do not win even the ONCE, lament Nolaskoain. An unknown technician arrived for the majority of the workforce and had hardly worked in the last decade. An old high school teacher who gained fame 25 years ago for his careers for the band of San Lzaro, in that Compostela First. And that I left Riazor with the general cario after being fired in the summer of 2014, shortly after having taken out the Second team.

Away from the benches

They arrived for l then days of kilometers by bike and walks through the old area of ​​Santiago, where he lives. Soccer is fast, new people come up and they stop calling you. I dedicated myself to continue learning my trade, to read a lot, account, owner of a library of books on football that impresses visitors. In six years, only 11 months enter Mallorca in 2016, until the desperate call of the new Deportivo board.

In your first training, 500 fans They came to welcome you. There were scarves and flares. The dressing room began to understand that in addition to a new technician, the third of the season, they had a symbol in front. A new time began, animated in the treasury of the entity by the intervention of Abanca, the Galician banking entity that acts as both the largest shareholder and the largest creditor. I expanded the credit 45 he gave Deportivo two years ago by five million more, promising to become the owner of 33% of the club in the medium term. The cash booster allowed the winter market to go with power (seven signings; among them Sabin Merino, which has four goals in four days).

Fernando is a very good psychologist. He knows how to manage the players' heads, he explains to this newspaper Alberto Lopo, central in its first stage in the blue and white bench. And he knows how the Depor fan works, he emphasizes. Vzquez pulled from the typical player number 12, convinced that the fan's breath was indispensable. On the board, I recovered a good memory system in Riazor.

It was necessary to stop the bleeding, justifies its emergency defense with five defenses, which I used Arsenio Iglesias to put Deportivo to fight the Leagues at Dream team of Cruyff. The scheme has a history, because I exported it to La Corua Boronat from the Royal Society, where I worked as a second of Toshack. The energy is positive, Vzquez acknowledges prudently, with a promise made if he manages salvation: to complete his 66 years again on Great Zaro Fund, a 100 kilometer cycling race with 30% ramps. “We have won six games, and we have to win seven more,” he asks, with very clear accounts.

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