LIVE | LaLiga: Atlético de Madrid – Real Madrid (0-0) – 09/28/19 –


Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid have added a point this Saturday to draw without goals in the Wanda Metropolitano. Both rojiblancos and madridistas prioritized the defensive organization over the attack. In this way, the Zidane team maintains the leadership, but would lose it if the Real Sociedad wins this Sunday against Sevilla. Read the chronicle here.

(min. 92) Yellow for Thomas. The public applauds him …

(min. 92) Missing in Ramos attack. This is over …

(min. 91) The ball is from Madrid. Atlético suffers, who defends himself with everything.

(min. 90) Three minutes of extension.

(min. 89) Corner for Atlético. Cheer up the Wanda …

(min. 88) The two teams seem to sign the tie. Soon we will know the discount time.

(min. 87) Last change in Real Madrid. Benzema leaves and Jovic enters.

(min. 85) Nacho was encouraged with a shot that did not take goal.

(min. 82) Everyone is looking for Thomas, the best player in this game.

(min. 80) PROVIDENCIAL VARANE! The center of Trippier was cleared by the Frenchman when Diego Costa was already licking.

(min. 76) Second change in Real Madrid. Hazard leaves and James enters. Bale will go to the left wing ..

(min. 75) OBLAAAAAAAAAAAK! Benzema header that forces the Slovenian to make a great stretch. The best occasion of the match ..

(min. 73) Corner for Atlético. They press those of Simeone …

(min. 72) EYE SAUUUL! His header to the first stick went very close to enter the second. Zidane calls James …

(min. 69) Third change in Atlético. Joao Felix leaves and Marcos Llorente enters.

(min. 68) Yellow card for Varane, second of the game and second for a white player.

(min. 67) The changes arrive. First in Real Madrid. Valverde leaves and Modric enters.

(min. 66) Corner for Real Madrid. Go Kroos …

(min. 63) Casemiro high shot. The Brazilian wanted to try his luck in a somewhat distant fault.

(min. 61) Second change in Atlético. Lodi leaves and Lemar enters. Saul passes to the left side.

(min. 59) Number of inaccuracies by both teams. Errors, losses and little success in the passes …

(min. 57) THE HAD BALEEEEE! The ball hit the Welshman, but his shot went high again.

(min. 54) Far shot of Bale that went to the clouds. Welsh tried …

(min. 51) Llorente, Herrera and Lemar warm up in Atlético. None by Real Madrid.

(min. 48) Header Strap! Costa found the hole, but the shot of the Argentine was somewhat forced and did not take goal.

(min. 47) Varane's daddy about Joao. Atlético will look for the action with the ball stopped.

(min. 45) Simeone makes a change to the break: remove Vitolo to enter Correa.



Very close match between two teams that do not leave a space in their defense. Little work for Courtois and Oblak, who have not suffered any shot between the three suits. The best of Simeone's is Thomas. On the Madrid side, Kroos. We return immediately to comment on the second half.

(min. 45) One minute added in the Metropolitan.

(min. 43) Get your hand Courtois! Thomas's measured pass over Trippier and the center of the latter forces the Belgian to draw a good hand.

(min. 40) KROOOOOOOS! Shot of the Teuton from outside the area and stop of Oblak, who sends the ball to corner. It seems that the game is encouraged …

(min. 38) JOAO FELIX! The Portuguese found spaces after a play by Thomas and the ball found little goal.

(min. 36) Kroos tried from afar forcing Oblak to stop the leather in two stages. First intervention, although that ball did not go between the three sticks.

(min. 34) The two goalkeepers, Oblak and Courtois, still do not appear. Little bit of Joao Felix product of such a close match.

(min. 30) UUUUUUY! Thomas's center walked through the small area. Courtois was sold …

(min. 28) Take out Trippier oil with a corner kick. The first for Simeone's …

(min. 26) Another corner for whites. Atletico lags far behind …

(min. 24) Vitolo tried a distant petroleum jelly, but being Courtois in the goal was impossible.

(min. 23) Corner for Real Madrid. Hazard's first detail that left Savic behind.

(min. 21) Yellow card for Nacho for an entry on Trippier. The ban opens …

(min. 20) Few solutions of the two teams in attack. The defenses to the attacks continue to stand out.

(min. 17) Bale tried! He entered like a plane to head off the center of Nacho from the left.

(min. 14) Follow the equality between both teams. The two try to find the spaces, but the defenses are well organized.

(min. 12) The game picks up pace in the last minutes. The two teams stretch their lines and approach the rival area.

(min. 8) JOAO FELIX! First shot of the rojiblancos through the Portuguese star. His shot went crossed …

(min. 7) Long possession of those of Zidane, while Atlético waits in his field without suffering.

(min. 5) Ramos' first message about Joao Felix. The rojiblancos ask for the card, but the referee doesn't take it out.

(min. 3) Trippier is being served by a set with Hazard. Just in case Arias warms up, although it seems she can continue.

(min. 1) Sonora whistled for Courtois to pick up the ball after the center of Trippier.


Zidane confirms it too !! The Frenchman surprises with the entry of Valverde by James: Courtois, Carvajal, Varane, Ramos, Nacho; Casemiro, Valverde, Kroos; Hazard, Bale and Benzema.

We have the eleven of Atlético !! Simeone opts for Vitolo to the detriment of Lemar: Oblak, Trippier, Savic, Giménez, Lodi; Thomas, Koke, Saul; Vitolo, Joao Felix and Diego Costa.

Good afternoon!! travels to the Wanda Metropolitano stadium to live the great game of the seventh day facing Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid on Saturday. Both teams seek the leadership of LaLiga.

The Madrid derby returns for the third season to Wanda Metropolitano to host the duel between Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid. In a match where both fight for LaLiga's first position and reaffirm their improvement, the team that loses can get very touched in the face of future shocks. A confrontation that is worth more than three points and that this year will have two new signings and new owners of '7' as main focus: Joao Felix and Eden Hazard. A summer annuls eight years of cholismo.

It hasn't been long since the last time mattresses and meringues saw each other's faces. It was in New Jersey with the overwhelming victory of the first. But as far as the official is concerned, Zidane intersects again with Simeone after his sabbatical and with the balance of three victories (Champions final through), three draws and two losses. A result that will try to match the Argentine, to also get to open the Atleti locker in his stadium, cursed so far with a defeat and a draw.

With that friendly forgotten, El Cholo hopes to “close the spaces” of Madrid and that the details are tilted in its balance. To do this, it will leave with an entire arsenal that will decide in the moments before the meeting, although Oblak, Trippier, Giménez, Lodi, Saúl and Koke are safe. The doubts, about Savic or Felipe, Thomas or Llorente and Lemar or Vitolo, before the team closes at spearhead with Diego Costa and Joao Felix.

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