Los Fierce Awards 2023 They had a terrible outcome this Saturday in Zaragoza. This Sunday, two complaints were made public for two sexual assaults allegedly that occurred at the party after the awards ceremony.

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As reported by the Heraldo de Aragón, a Javier Perez Santanafilm producer my emptiness and Ifor allegedly touching the actress Go. There is a second individual denounced by a man, but none of the identities of the latter have come to light. According to the aforementioned media, both accused knew each other, although it is not clear if both reported assaults (the one suffered by Jedet and another by a man) are related to each other or occurred in parallel.

María Guerra, president of the organizing entity of the Feroz, the Association of Cinematographic Informants of Spain (AICE), assured that the two people denounced will be “banned for life” from the events organized by the association. The alleged events occurred between 04:00 and 06:00 this Sunday. An hour later, the Local Police appeared at the scene and made the arrest of one of the defendants, around 7:00. The alleged victims formalized the complaint to the National Police this Sunday and the Family and Women Unit has taken over the investigation.

Through Amor Romeira, Jedet has stated in Fiesta that he did not want to appear in this whole story because “he is afraid that the subject will harm him”, since “it was an anonymous complaint”. The collaborator adds: “The first thing this person has with Jedet is some transphobic attacks, that is, he attacks her for being trans and after all this, is when this boy touches him without his consent.”