The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, celebrated this Sunday the bronze that the ‘Hispanics’ have taken in the 2023 World Cup by beating (36-39) the host Sweden.

“Bravo, #Hispanos! Spain is bronze in the Handball World Cup. A great game and a spectacular second half that puts you back on the podium, the fifth consecutive medal in major international tournaments. Proud of your successes. #POLSWE2023” , Sánchez has written in a message on his Twitter profile, collected by Europa Press.

The ‘Hispanics’ are still subscribers to the medals with a second consecutive bronze after the one achieved in Egypt 2021, to extend a continuous signing among the best that began right at the 2011 World Cup in Sweden. Jordi Ribera’s men suffered without a good defense in the first half with the Swedes dominating 22-18 at halftime.