‘Save me’ filters Antonia Dell’Atte’s mobile live, forced to change her number

Antonia Dell’Atte He received a barrage of phone calls and messages from people he didn’t know on Wednesday afternoon. All after her number was leaked on Save me. The program of Jorge Javier Vazquez He tried to make a video call with her and the Italian’s mobile number appeared on the screen.

The number of Clemente Lequio’s mother spread like wildfire on social networks. A day later, the program has apologized live and has announced that Antonia has been forced to change her number so that they do not continue to harass her.

“Many of you already know, it was an accident and the phone number could be seen for a nanosecond on television”, Mayte Ametlla explained this Thursday. “On behalf of the program I just want to apologize“, has added.

The journalist continued with a few words addressed directly to Alessandro Lequio’s ex: “Dear Antonia, thank you very much for entering this program yesterday, because we loved having you with us.” Ametlla has sentenced: “Really, we are very sorry. And to all of you who have fun sharing this content, know that Antonia has already changed her phone numberSo you have nothing to do.”

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Antonia did not enter by video call but she did later by telephone connection. Everything for her to talk about the controversy generated by Ana Obregon and the girl he has had with his deceased son’s semen. But she held back: “If I have to speak out, the Third World War breaks out. You know very well what the shot is about,” she said. Without wanting to go into more detail so as not to mess her up, she did talk about her son Clementebrother of the disappeared Aless: “My son knows all the truth and all the lies that have been built for 33 years.”

On Instagram, he left another message this Thursday: “These days, a part of the press that I do not feed relates me to people whom I have never named and whose lives do not matter to me. I repeat loud and clear, I am not the protagonist of this media commotion. And with the elegance and irony that characterizes me I tell you: I don’t give a damn. Always on behalf of women and forgiveness”. In relation to the brilliant imitation that the comedian Josep Ferré did of her in the program, he added: “People need a little laughter in a world made of hypocrisy and lies.”