Saúl Ñíguez, player of the Atlético de Madrid, analyzed the game that his team won against him Seville, in addition to celebrating a goal he needed.

“Very happy for the goal, because it is the first that I could dedicate to my partner and the daughter that we are going to have,” the footballer began to point out that it is good for him to recover his best level: “It helps like everything else, but what What counts is the daily work, not breaking down. Also with work outside the club, which is also there, you work not only physically. Everything helps, nothing is coincidence. Work pays ”, said the midfielder, in words in Movistar +.

The player reflected on what he is experiencing. “If we have not discussed it, it is because it does not give people from the outside, to see how football is lived from the inside, even many fans, football is not 11 players and a ball, that is a lie. Here you feel a lot, what happens on the lawn is transferred to family, friends, to your relationship with the world. It's complicated when you see that things don't work out for you. In the end the work pays, not only the one you see, you see a player who doesn't work out, who loses confidence and in the end there are people who don't help much. There is another that yes and it is the one you want by your side and the one you value ”.

In this sense, he insisted: “There are many negative people, who do not help. There is another that helps you when you are in good times or bad. The other day a part of the fans came to encourage me at the Sports City and that makes the difference. I spoke with them and now I make it public, thank them, I will continue working and I will try to make them feel proud again ”.


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