Santi Acosta, single again after being abandoned by Esther Palomera

Santi Acosta He had been away from national television for some time, except for some specials, but at the end of November he began presenting on Telecinco Friday, along with Beatriz Archidona, and the journalist has regained fame. For this reason, he has become a character and has even appeared in some gossip magazines, because the paparazzi are aware of his loves and disaffections.

By the way, Santi Acosta, At 57 years old, he is single again. Bea Archidona's partner has always been a heartthrob and it seems he still is. His last formal girlfriend, the journalist Esther Palomerastood him up a few weeks ago, specifically, after seeing the photographs of the presenter of Friday with a young brunette kissing in the middle of the street and who published the magazine Week.

Esther, regular political talker in various media, including programs by the group led by Salem, and Santi Acosta they had been together for quite some time, as this portal exclusively reported, but those snapshots ended up dynamiting a relationship that had not fully formalized, despite the trips together and the time he spent at her house in Madrid. In fact, they tell us that there were some words between them after the images in which Acosta was caught kissing another woman in the middle of the street. Esther and Santi said goodbye without looking back. More of the same thing happened with the girl in the images: they have never met again although They tell us that it was not the first time they saw each other either..

Santi has always been very successful with women. In fact, both of his ex-wives work in television. The first is Isabel Martin Blázquez, sister of the journalist Marisa Martín Blázquez. And the second and mother of her children is the Canarian Sandra Fernandezwho was her boss in those programs like Pink sauce o Sweet life. But Sandra Fernández (current communications director of Mediaset and former press director of Isabel Diaz Ayuso) also separated, specifically in 2011, although they maintain a good relationship.