Raquel Bollo reacts to her daughter Alma's second pregnancy: “The family you are creating is increasing”

Alma Cortés (24) is going through her second pregnancy. A bombshell (pun intended) that came to light a few days ago and after which the young woman has published a tender video on social networks showing her figure as her mother. The influencer is very happy in this new stage of her life, and her mother, Raquel Bollo (48), accompanies her in this feeling. So much so that the businesswoman has reacted lovingly to her post.

Congratulations little one, the family you are creating is increasing and I am happy for you, for the person with whom you walk hand in hand and above all for my princess“, the designer wrote to her daughter. To confirm the great news, Raquel Bollo's little daughter published a recording in front of the mirror touching her belly. Along with the post, Alma wrote: “A new Valentine's Day and, this time, full of love. “We increase the family”.

Manuel Cortés' sister did not plan to become a mother for the second time. However, she now faces this new stage with excitement with her boyfriend. Miguel. “Both she and her boy are very excited,” they explained from Telecinco.

The one who was a contestant Survivors She entered motherhood when she was only 20 years old. In 2020 she had the little girl Jimenafruit of his relationship with his ex Juan José Peña. Unlike this second pregnancy, Raquel did not react in the best way when she found out that her daughter was going to become a mother. “It made me so sad that I just cried. I was shocked, I experienced it with great sadness and anger. It's nothing bad, but it's a complication in her life that she didn't need to live so young.“Chiquetete's ex confessed in a video Mtmad.

Miguel, Alma's new love

Alma and Miguel confirmed their relationship in October 2022. Although they made their courtship official on social networks, Raquel Bollo's second daughter shows her boyfriend on rare occasions. “He doesn't appear in photos with me because he doesn't want to. He doesn't want anyone to know him. He considers that if he appears in a photo with me it is a way of exposing himself and he doesn't feel like it.“, explained Alma en Telecinco.