Santander League: Hazard, the boy who never got injured: “He doesn't go out, he doesn't drink and he takes the form with the games” | LaLiga Santander 2019

That does not look good That solt, very serious, Zinedine Zidane just a few minutes after finishing the Levante-Real Madrid of Saturday summarize the sensations of the technical body about the injury of Eden Hazard. The Belgian soccer player seemed to have resented the same physical problem that had kept him almost three months in the dry dock, between the end of November and mid-February.

Finally, it was not a message, but a new injury in a nearby area, but different from the previous one. Similar in terms of deadlines, although much more decisive, influential and worrying for Real Madrid. The fissure in the right distal peron The attacker reached four days of the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League, a week after the classic, when Madrid has just handed the league lead to Barcelona, ​​and in the midst of a crisis of results in the white team , which has only been able to add one of the last six points in play after drawing against the Celtic and fall for the minimum in the Ciutat de Valencia.

As soon, and being very optimistic, Hazard will return just for some Champions League semi-finals, whose departure will be played on April 28 and 29, and for the last five days of the League. But the times of the Belgian in his first injury, which kept him out of play from November 26 to February 15, when he was discharged, speak of a discharge time of two and a half months. The League ends on May 24 … So, with Belgium as a favorite in a Eurocup which begins in less than four months, Hazard may have already played his last minutes in the 19-20 season, his first in Madrid.

Eden picks up pace with the matches

Joel Domenighetti, a journalist from L'Equipe who has been following the Belgian since his time in Lille, explains on the other side of the phone that the former attacker of the Chelsea He has a unique musculature, that he had not had any major muscular problems, that he does not like to train too much, but that takes shape with the passing of the matches. Hazard likes to play, compete, just like any other street football player. Take care, Don't drink, don't party… He is a family man and has fulfilled his dream, which is to play in Madrid. But…

Eight months after his signing, Hazard's dream is summed up in 15 official meetings dressed in white Has been lost 20 games and, after the new injury suffered in the Ciutat de Valencia, he is on his way to being absent for another ten weeks.

Hazard, in the Ciutat de Valencia / Reuters

The devastating data that speaks of the bad luck of Hazard and Madrid is that those 20 games that the Belgian has missed are the same ones that he stopped playing in the seven years he was in Chelsea: two for a thigh injury in the 12- 13, five for a wound and five for hip problems in 15-16, two for a blow and three for an ankle operation at the end of 16-17, and three for thigh problems during 18-19 , his last in the blues. All were minor injuries, except for the ankle operation he underwent in the summer of 2017 taking advantage of the vacation break. None that left sequels. None that involve missing more than five games. None like the two who have already suffered dressed in white.

Admiti Hazard during the navideo parn that in summer I took some weight, but I added the same theory of the journalist Domenighetti to this newspaper: I am one of those who lose it quickly. If I am on vacation, I am on vacation. In summer I took five kilos and it took some time to catch the rhythm, the Belgian acknowledges in January.

Everything he had done in the summers and in the preseason with Lille and Chelsea collapsed when he suffered an injury to the anterior rectus of the left thigh in the middle of the pre-season meringue. That, something that had never happened to him in any summer preparation so far, trastoc all your plans, physical and mental.

The player who arrived with the obligation to put on the '7' of Cristiano, who had been dreaming of playing at the Bernabu for years, was not going to be able to demonstrate from the beginning everything he had in his boots. Debut on September 14, in what was the beginning of his preseason, and when he had been without problems for two months and began to take the peak form, he arrived Meunier. An entrance on the side of the PSG it caused a blow that, although at first it did not seem too serious, with the passing of the days it evolved into a fissure that took him down until the Celta match.

For a player accustomed to taking the form playing games, being without stepping on the grass for so many weeks disrupts all plans. Even more if that player has inherited the seven target in a team that, for too many days, has an obvious problem with the goal. A Madrid that, in addition, could have waited a year to sign him for free, but that forced him to convince Chelsea and sign him in his third ideal moment, with 28 years -I met 29 in January-, and that he can finally have paid more than 100 million for only 15 games of his new star.

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