Pioneers: women who have marked the Spanish sport


Daniela Barrón

When he turned twenty, the man from ancient Greece completed his sports training and was enabled to participate in the Olympic Games. Every four years, the wars stopped, the towns sent their best emissaries and the women, oblivious to this feast of the cult to the body, at most, had the privilege of witnessing it. Depending on their marital status, perhaps they could even attend. But never compete.

The current woman does compete. Fight, win and overcome historical barriers in sport every day. Breaks social conventions and jumps physiological obstacles without the world sometimes repairing the magnitude of its achievement.

Some tops are clear and open, imposing, between the clouds, very, very high. Araceli Segarra Roca He looked at Everest, at 8,848 meters high. She was the first Spanish woman to reach her, in 1996. Her participation there in the rescue of mountaineer Beck Weathers earned her, in addition, the bronze medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit

It was not the only one. Edurne Pasabán he repeated this ascension and multiplied the challenge, becoming the first woman in history to complete the 14 eight thousand of the planet. Only nineteen men did it before.

Judo was also a traditionally masculine fief until 1992. A young woman, Miriam Blasco, he wanted it to be the discipline that brought the first Spanish gold in an Olympic Games, and that he also did it in Barcelona. Curiously, his partner Almudena Muñoz He won the second gold the next day.

Being a woman implies an extra effort many times. Let them ask White Manchón. After running out of sponsors on the occasion of her maternity, only seven months after giving birth, He won his sixth Windsurf World Championship.

Becoming a mother is not an impediment to gain victory. Good sample can also give Teresa Portela, proud thirty-seven year old mom, with twenty behind his back leading Spanish canoeing in the modality of calm waters. He has five Olympics, fifteen medals in the World Cup, seventeen in Europe … And he's still on the same line.

Because when you are born to win, you don't have to wait long to realize.

Polished Gisela He won his first Kitesurf World Cup with ten years, while being part of the Guinness ranking. Today, with seventeen, he has eleven world champion medals.

Ariane Ochoa He was already moving between surfing competitions at eight. She is the U-18 national junior champion and the U18 European runner-up by teams in 2016. She won the bronze medal at the World Cup in Australia.

It is the water, which reveals our essence of those born on the peninsula.

It's the way to perfection, as he showed Laura Muñoz, twice Olympic in artistic and maximum medalist in the history of the Mediterranean Games, but recognized in the Guinness as the first Spanish gymnast who could boast a score of ten in one exercise.

And always, it is the desire to overcome, it is the struggle to go beyond, to overcome the difficulty, to break the limit. When Teresa Perales stopped being able to walk, challenged herself and learned to swim.

Today she is a physiotherapist, personal and sports coach, university professor, international speaker, member of the Paralympic Games Commission, writer, Ambassador in several organizations and 26 times Paralympic medalist, apart from 57 others in World, European and a few World Records .

And the list could go on with more names of pioneer women, champions in their discipline that are opening the way to many more women who, sooner or later, will arrive to surprise us with their feats. There is no limit, no.