Santander League: Aguirre, about the signing of Braithwaite by Bara: “I think they screwed us, but nothing happens” | LaLiga Santander 2019



The Legans technician does not want to lament over the departure of his starting striker: “What do you want me to do? That he cries? Well hey, nothing happens, we play eleven against eleven and I have 26 players.”

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Aguirre, during a match with Legans.
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Javier Aguirrecoach of Legans, analyzed the outputs by paying the termination clause of two key players like the Moroccan Youssef En-Nesyri and the dans Martin Braithwaite and I recognized that I didn't have them.

“Martin's thing upsets me like Youssef's. A player who was playing is leaving, nothing more. I don't spin it more than that. As if it were a sanction or an injury. I take it that way. Football circumstances. It's true that something like this has never happened to me, “he said.

You can't imagine that going to the last place will raise two players. It will be the other way around, that the big ones are taken away. But hey, mrito of the sports direction, who sign for nine and sell for 39. Where do you have to sign? The business is round. Fuck, your little medal for the people who sign here. What barbarity, what good, “added in the press conference prior to the duel against Celta.

When analyzing both marches, he commented: “They did what they had to do in this club, they delivered the best they had. And that's it. I can't, I shouldn't and I don't want to regret Thinking about what would have happened. They contributed what they had to contribute and now it is up to another to do it “.

Asked about whether he is being taken philosophically, he said: “What do you want me to do? Let he cry? Well hey, nothing happens, we play eleven against eleven and I have 26 players. It will be disrespectful to say yes, we are screwed. “

“Those who are very good players. We have an important points deficit, it is true, but if we compare the first twelve games, which had only one victory, the next twelve times the team has improved horrors. We need points and that is what we are going to Vigo. To win, with eleven in the field and seven on the bench. According to regulations “, complet.

Aguirre prefers not to spin: “I think they screwed us, as it is said in Mexican (laughs). Nothing happens. The costumes are great and I still better. As long as they let me play with eleven, the rest is not important. FIFA rules have not prevented us from playing without a goalkeeper, for example. Nothing, look, the sun came out. We are fine, we are strong. “

Regarding the request of the blue and white entity to change the norm so that they can sign out of the market when they suffer a situation like Braithwaite, he said: “I have heard all kinds of qualifications to this. I cannot add much more.” “I am institutional and the institution is already expressing itself. I am completely in agreement with them. The Bara acts according to regulations. Do not deceive anyone. That was since the beginning of the season. Everyone who draws the conclusions they want,” he added.

Also eludi talk about the now Barcelona player as vital: “No, no, vital there is nothing. The shield is vital. We are passing through. If there is no shield, there is no equipment. Here we are only employees. With more or less responsibility. Vital this … and the 'cuore'. “

On the other hand he did not want to pronounce on what the striker can contribute to his new club: “I don't know what he is going to give them, they will know why they hired him. I told him the same as those who left. What luck and that they will always find me as a friend. Someone to mess with and give advice. “

“We have contact as in all my previous stages. I like to maintain friendships. Football is temporary. The human being is the one who matters. Being aware of him as of all those who left. He is a chain of good vibes,” he said.

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