Euroleague: Comeback from Barcelona to break his bad streak at OAKA | Euroleague 2019



Abrines, Mirotic and Delaney shone in the final leg of a game (81-92) where Pesic's team was losing by 11.

Mate de Davies during the match against Panathinaikos.

The shadow of a new defeat plane for many minutes over the head of the Bara. The OAKA, after all, had been resisting two years and Panathinaikos managed to sign up again and again advantages that would have led more than one to throw in the towel. Alex Abrines, on this occasion, was the key figure of a victory in which Niko Mirotic, as the Barcelona team, also knew how to wake up in time.

The Montenegrin Hispanic signed a few first gray minutes, but finished with 20 points and 23 valuation. It's what cracks have. Even in what seems like a bad day, they are able to end up shining. Those of Svetislav Pesic, in the end, forgot the fiasco of the Cup in the best possible way, with a triumph worked, but in the end incontestable (81-92)

The Bara did not know how to overcome the chaparrn to which the Panathinaikos submitted throughout the first part. Although he managed to survive more or less gracefully in the first period (23-20), he ended up going to rest seven points below (45-38). And worse, with the feeling that things could have been even more negative. Mirotic, his franchise player, was practically missing in combat in the first two quarters. To such an extent, that even err two consecutive free throws.

Calathes and Papagiannis were the two most prominent Panathinaikos players in a first period in which Higgins, fundamentally, was in charge of giving the face on the Barca side, with the timely collaboration of Hanga and Claver. A greater success in the triples (two scored nine attempts by none of four by Barca), while helping Rick Pitino set a gap (35-27, min.15) held until the break (45-38 ).

From 67-57 to 78-85

Bara, finally, found himself in the third quarter. Mirotic began to display his best version and Abrines also appeared in the most delicate moments, with 51-40 and 67-57. Honorable mention for play in the last breath, with a fabulous maneuver and a tray on the horn (69-67).

Panathinaikos, relentlessly punished by Abrines, Delaney and Davies, tried his best to prevent the triumph he had caressed so much from escaping between his fingers. However, the vertigo could. The excess rainfall multiplied their losses and the Bara, in addition, knew how to punish very well from the free throw. A great triple of Higgins took the desolation to the stands two minutes to the end (78-85).

In the next attack, Mirotic zanj doubts with his second success since 6.75. At the moment of truth, the Montenegrin Hispanic, absent for many minutes, did not shake his pulse. And the Bara, five years later, took an OAKA victory that involves a whole moral injection.

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