Sandoval and the confinement at the hotel in A Coruña: “It was hard; I didn't open the curtains until 11 at night; we survived”

José Ramón Sandoval went through the microphones of Onda Cero's “The Transistor” after getting the first win of the season. The technician of Fuenlabrada remembered the confinement they lived in A coruña and the end of the 19/20 season.

Fuenlabrada Shield / Flag

End of season: “The summer ended convulsed and sad. I was disappointed because I love this profession, I love my colleagues and it has not been a good summer. We had a clear conscience, we had not done anything wrong, we had to be in Second”.

Player signing: “It was difficult for us to talk to players because they didn't know where we were going to be. We started the preseason with 12 professionals.”

Playoff: “There was confusion. It was difficult, because we had to pass the playoffs. We were convinced we were the best team after confinement, because of work, perseverance, faith … We came from winning Elche, we saw them come out crestfallen knowing that if we scored in Coruña we were in the playoffs. “

Ascent illusion: “This pandemic has taken away the illusion of having fought the playoffs. It cut us off completely.”

Match against Deportivo: “When we returned we did not know what was going to happen. We went to the game with 7 professional players and we left our souls for Fuenlabrada. 14 professionals spent 14 days locked up without training. We played to finish the League and that the playoffs could be played “.

hotel: “It was hard. The experience in the hotel was very nice things. A team came in and a family came out. We all endured the downpour that fell. I didn't open the curtains until 11 at night, I didn't want to take photos. We were surviving. The hotel behaved incredible with us, they were aware that we did not lack anything. I acted as a nurse and doctor for my players, I had already passed COVID. At first they were asymptomatic, but then not. “

Nobody called: “There was no call from the Federation, or the CSD, or anyone. It's the saddest thing. There was a lack of tact, we are footballers, but first we are people. I have to thank the doctor from Depor, who was in contact with him ours to provide the medicines we needed. A 10 for him. I went for a day and took pills for blood pressure. I went 6 days without them, and the Depor doctor brought them to me in 3 hours. We had nothing to live there, only the food that the hotel gave us. Some of us exchanged cell phone chargers. “

Who defended Fuenlabrada: “Fuenlabrada has only been defended by the mayor of Fuenlabrada. It has hurt me because I have been with a federation record since I was 18 years old, since 91 as a coach, and it is sad that there has not been a single call. On top of my players that they have been He accused. Now we see in Cholo that this is your turn and that's it. We are people first. Our president said that if we weren't able to play on the working days that there were, we wouldn't play. Under whatever circumstances we had to play, we lost in the last minute with a penalty goal. The players went home to wait for the conditions of their contracts. “

Penalty in A Coruña: “I saw the penalty play several times. They are decisions that must be followed. They took away a pinch of enthusiasm. The teammates who had stayed at the hotel wanted to compete in the playoff. They are humble players, who had a premium for arriving to playoffs. “

objective: “The objective of this year is to establish ourselves in the Second Division, it is our second year in professional football. We are doing things well, we want to continue our end of the season. This is the most beautiful league in world football.”

Template difference: “I will never say that I have a better squad. Last year made me a very good coach. I adapted to what I had. This year we lost 14 players, some did not want to renew, others were on loan … We have tried to make the team fall in love. people to come to Fuenlabrada, the one who is here is because he wants to play here. Franchu, who had super offers, wanted to come here. “

Coaches call: “I had colleagues who called me, although it was late. Sometimes you let time pass and then they call you. Next week I will face Pepe Mel, he called me there. Oltra was one of the first to write to me. Zambrano, who belongs to AFE, he called me and it marked me a lot. That lonely moment, when you only talked to the family, when people called you like that lifted your spirits. “

Coaches union: “The other day, when we spoke with the referees, I liked Lopetegui's position. He spoke and commented that with the new League regulations, he said that we thought they would minimize our work. They won't let us do the talk before the game , nor the prevention protocol with the players … We are not allowed to do our work, we can only talk with those who are playing. They do not give importance to our work.