Alex Luna, the Argentine pearl for whom half Europe fights

Alex Luna It is the new Argentine pearl for which the greats of European football fight. As you may have learned AS, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Villarreal are behind the Atlético Rafaela player. The interest in Can Barça reaches such a point that last season they wanted to take it to Barcelona. Not only have Spanish teams set their sights on the promising 16-year-old and are also following him in England, Everton, Manchester City and Manchester United; in France, Lille and PSG; in Italy, Lazio, Juventus and Milan; in Germany, Bayern; in Portugal, the Benfica, in Croatia, the Dinamo Zagreb; and in Ukraine, Dynamo Kiev.

The 16-year-old attacker has also aroused the interest of all the Argentine Super League teams. Thus, according to Martin Sendoa, player's agent, River, Boca, San Lorenzo and the rest of the greats have their names on the agenda. The Argentine footballer is a born dribbler who performs well on both bands and can play both as '9' and as second striker.

Luna took advantage of confinement to train hard and went from 1.74 m to 1.80. This season he will debut with the first team of Atlético Rafaela in First National, the second division of Argentina.

Luna: “Who would say no to Simeone”

The player is excited to make the leap to Europe. Luna has assured in exclusive statements for AS: “I am very excited and happy because all my effort to fulfill my dreams I would like to play in Europe. It is a leap for me and for my career. I would go to any team. I admire Barcelona, ​​Atlético and Real Madrid.”

Alex Luna has as reference to Neymar: “I like dribbling, dribbling, like Neymar. I try to imitate him a lot for his style and for all the things he does. He is one of the best in the world with Messi. Neymar is ahead of Cristiano.”

The footballer has been asked by ACE on the possibility of being trained by Simeone: “Cholo is a very good coach, who would say no. I would love for him to lead me.”

The Argentine gave his vision of Messi case: “Something strange here in Argentina. We look at Barcelona because he is there. He carries the team on his shoulder and is the best in the world and in all history. It will be rare to see him in another team.