Sánchez Vicario, four days before his trial for confiscation of assets: his possible agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office to avoid jail

The Prosecutor’s Office asked to convict the former tennis player Arantxa Sánchez Vicario and her ex-husband, Joseph Santacanato four years in prison for an alleged crime of stealing assets by allegedly hiding his assets through a front man to avoid paying the Bank of Luxembourg a debt of 7.5 million euros.

This coming Tuesday, September 12, the trial against both begins. It will last until Friday the 15th. However, María Eugenia Yagüe announced this Friday in laSexta that the three-time Roland Garros champion could reach an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office: “They tell me that Arantxa has reached an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office and it is likely that on Tuesday let’s not see it in the Barcelona Court,” the journalist reaffirmed.

Thanks to this possible agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, the former tennis player could avoid jail: “It usually involves acknowledging part of the accusations and you agree to pay what is agreed and you get out of prison.” Yagüe also added: “Arantxa has reconciled with her family, and the person who has taken advantage of her is supposedly her husband.”

Arantxa already presented a brief before the judge in 2021 to defend himself and point out Josep Santacana as the manipulator who had convinced him to hide his assets, and who had also squandered his fortune. In this sense, the prosecutor details that the tennis player acted “under the instructions of her husband” once she was notified of the debt claim in July 2010.

Her husband also presented a document in which he removes his guilt and denied having been administrator of the fortune. He alleged that he only cashed a few checks, some exclusives from the gossip press and showed one of her houses to a real estate agency; He also claimed that his wife still had the “money” in Switzerland.

Their divorce proceedings also remain unresolved. The tennis champion and the businessman have not yet reached a legal agreement, they have not signed the divorce papers for five years and there is nothing positive left from their relationship. Their lawsuits remain open and have not yet found a solution either in Miami or in Spain.