San Sebastián turns with the heroes of the Copa del Rey

Donostia dawned yesterday with a sweet hangover: the Real society go back to an end of Cup 32 years later. The team managed to qualify against the Mirandés and now seeks to surprise in The league to the Barça in the Camp Nou, the worst stage for your interests First division, where he has reaped 23 consecutive losses since 1996.

The night became long in Gipuzkoa. Already in Miranda the party broke loose and then moved to Zubieta. The bus of the brand new finalists arrived at the Txuri-Urdin facilities beyond two in the morning and was received by a hundred fans, who thanked the feat deserved. Hugs, songs and flares accompanied the arrival of the Imanol squad, which took a mass bath. The fans accompanied the players until they took their private cars to go to their homes.

The Donostiarras are at their best moment of play and results and now, parked the Cup until April, they will try to focus on LaLiga, competition in which the San Sebastian They aspire to enter the Champions positions. The Camp Nou, where Real has not scored since 1995, does not seem, however, the best place to score points, since it links in the culé stadium a streak of 23 games, between League and Cup, settled with defeats.

Aperribay He was a happy and excited man yesterday. “It is impossible to explain what comes to mind,” the president acknowledged. “It is the prize to the effort of many people of this club. The Real has gone through many things, odyssey in the desert … It is time to enjoy and take advantage of it. We will go to Seville with force,” he said excitedly.

The president has led the team since Second until his first final in three decades, but he puts himself in the background: “It is not the time of the president, it is that of the fans and the players. I feel this way, although I am delighted, obviously, also for me.”