Rubi: “Real Madrid can be hurt”

Betis coach Joan Francesc Ferrer, Rubi, reviewed the previous game that his team plays against Real Madrid: “There are two or three teams in this League that are harder to beat than the rest. Before Madrid we have to make it almost perfect to win, but it doesn't scare us. We were able to win against Atlético and Barcelona. “

Ultimatum? “That question this year is very common, unfortunately because we are not where we should be. But I do not worry, I work to be close to victory. Then whether we win or not depends on other things.”

Shield / Flag Betis

Madrid more vulnerable. “I have the impression that you can hurt him, like everyone else. But his numbers in conceded goals are very low and the defensive facet is taking it well. You don't end up hurting him and his goalkeeper is in great shape. We will try to take advantage of his weaknesses but it will be key that we put the chances that we have, that we are going to have for sure. Madrid, Barcelona or Atlético are very powerful, but we cannot focus on these matches from the excess of respect. We have to do things very well to win, but we can to get it”.

Sensations. “It has been another hard week but I do not notice discouragement in our players. We are going to face and play a game more than worthy. It hurts that deserving more in other games we have no reward. We must insist and work harder if possible.”

Problem of the coach? “I understand that no, but what am I going to say. These last matches we have been close to winning them all, for me it is very different now at the beginning of the campaign. I do not see a team that has fallen or does not make chances. This season we have started it crooked , in the first third there were many concepts that the team did not assimilate, that cost us a deficit.Then we have set up many good games with some not so good, but within a normality.What will happen? I will fight to be the top possible and go over 50 points minimum. We don't have that fortune point to help us. The only ones who don't put Betis in their position are the players and the coaching staff. We are working hard to change it. “

Defensive bleeding. “We continuously analyze everything that happens to us. In Valencia we conceded two goals, the second I blame, because we risk the most, it is a matter of going up to an open grave. But in Mestalla we suffer very little. Against Mallorca more, but the effectiveness of the rival was one hundred percent. Of course I look for things to try not to score those goals, but our goalkeeper does not make eight stops at the beginning of the League. “

Bad run of Borja Iglesias. “Every week we think about the striker. Loren had an incredible level, then the level was more even and both have been playing.”

Feddal. “Zou wants to stay and I understand that the campaign will end with us, he wants to help. We have four extraordinary centers.”

Warning for the derby. “We have not looked at it that any day, nor will we do it in this match. Channels can play with four cards, it has many duels as well. But if there is any need to be done, he will have to sacrifice the derby for the sake of this match against Real Madrid”.

Setién and its possible return. “What hurt me was that at the beginning of the project I could not have the room to maneuver, but at the moment when Rubi is not a coach I will have to respect the one who comes. out of here”.