Rufete's successor

In case the previous week-long day hadn't been rough enough, any hope for an Espanyol who, located ten points away from permanence with 18 remaining in play, can only activate plan B, become A. I mean, the one of plan a squad to compete next year in the Second Division. And the foundation will lay them the name of the next coach.

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* Data updated as of June 29, 2020

As sports director, Francisco Joaquín Pérez Rufete must paradoxically look for his successor on the bench, in which he debuted at the RCDE Stadium against Real Madrid (0-1) and who will occupy interim until the end of LaLiga. And there are several profiles that they like. Those of experienced technicians in the silver category, a very important factor to lead a majority inexperienced wardrobe in a very unique competition. While you can also choose to a clearly projected coach who needs a career milestone to jump to the First Benches. Or combine both motivations. Casting is underway.

Pacheta, in the promotion playoff

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José Rojo 'Pacheta'.

One of the options is made by José Rojo 'Pacheta', who already directed Numancia, Oviedo, Cartagena and Hercules before enrolling in February 2018 in an Elche who is immersed in the fight for promotion, right now in a sixth place that gives access to the playoff, despite having the Second lowest fifth budget: only five million euros, light years from what Espanyol will have, in which he played as a footballer between 1994 and 1999.

Precisely about these siren songs they asked the Burgos man this Monday, in the preview of Elche-Cádiz. And Pacheta neither confirmed nor denied, but dispatched the issue quite elegantly: “I am a coach of Elche, I have 100 games with this team. Rumors of players or about me will come out, but I will not value anything. I owe this club until the last day I'm here, I don't know when it will be. “

Curro Torres, with the burden of his dismissal

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Curro Torres.

With very good eyes were following so far in the sports area, another coach who had been practicing in the Second Division. Is about Curro Torres, who can lose many points to be chosen after he was fired from Lugo precisely this Monday, who arrived in December as a replacement for Eloy Jiménez and whom he had placed in Drop zone to Second B, three points from permanence.

Raised at Gramenet, former coach of Córdoba or Lorca, has the confidence of Rufetebecause they not only shared years of costumes at Valencia, but it was the current sports director parakeet, then in command of the ché quarry, who in 2013 he recruited him for the Cadet and a year later he gave him the reins of Valencia Mestalla.

Luis García has the favor of the public

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Luis García.

Curro Torres is free for obvious reasons, while Pacheta ends his contract at the end of the current season, so Espanyol would have no problem negotiating with his current clubs in this regard. AND until June 30 with the possibility of another season optional signed theard an idol from Espanyol like Luis García by Damm, of the Youth Honor Division, in which he is being your first experience as a preparer.

In your case, in addition, it is a popular candidacy, which has circulated strongly in the parakeet environment since the dismissal of Pablo Machín, last December.

Heinze: Argentina's 'favorite'

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Gabriel Heinze.

Who already closed his stage in command of his team, months before his contractual relationship expired, is Gabriel Heinze, who left Vélez Sarsfield in March by his own decision, which he communicated to the manager and expert Pablo Cavallero, after part of the workforce was dismantled.

In the case of the ex-soccer player from Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Manchester United or Valladolid, it is the Argentine media 'Doble Amarilla' that reported last Saturday that I would be very well positioned to lead Espanyol in second. The search for the coach has only just begun.