He Alcorcón, with his victory in the Madrid derby against Rayo Vallecano, certified his permanence in Second and presented his candidacy to the promotion promotion dispute by equaling in the classification with the sixth classified.

Five months later, since January 26, the Alcorcón he relished three points in Santo Domingo. This time he did it at the fifth opportunity since that last victory and against a Lightning that once again missed the opportunity to enter promotional positions.

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The one who first warned in the derby was the Lightning, in a triple game, and on all occasions the protagonist was the Franco-Moroccan center forward Yacine Qasmi, who was about to score three times but in all three he was within a span of straining his shots into the meshes of his rival.

However, in his first action of danger, the Alcorcón he was ahead. It was 21 minutes after a good move against the player who caught the defense of Lightning, who could not stop the ride on the right side of Ernesto Gomez, who gently stung the ball before the exit of Miguel Ángel Morro.

The conceded goal was a hard blow for Rayo, who in the following minutes was more incisive than precise in his attacks and his best approach was a cross shot by Antonio Luna in the 37th minute that Dani Jiménez cleared to corner.

Then Paco Jémez he had already moved his bench to put the Peruvian winger on the pitch Luis Advíncula, who replaced his partner Titus, injured.

Just before the break, in the added time of the first half, Comesaña put from a three-quarter line a cross center to the far post that Isi Palazón picked up with a header that overshot Dani Jiménez.

In the second half, Alcorcón sprang up and on the first play Stoichkov He shot on goal, the ball bounced and fell to Ernesto, who came from the right and scored the second of the potters.

After the goal, Jémez moved his bench, made two changes to give entrance to Álvaro García and Juan Villar and changed its scheme to a clearly offensive one, which caused more spaces in the medulla.

He Alcorcón found those gaps and in the next few minutes both Boateng how Stoichkov they could sentence the duel, although the one who got that honor was the youth squad Oscar Arribas, who fouled the short post that beat Miguel Ángel Morro.

With no time to enjoy the goal, the Lightning he closed the gap after a penalty by Laure who had to check the Var. The Argentinian Oscar Trejo, from eleven meters, did not fail.

With this victory the Alcorcón He has 51 points and is seventh tied with the sixth, Elche, and one of the fifth, the Girona. Rayo, meanwhile, remains ninth with 49 points, two promotion.

3 – Alcorcón: Dani Jiménez; Laure, David Fernández, Diéguez, Bellvis; Ernesto (Paris Adot, m.87), Boateng, Dorca (Elguezabal, m.68), Sosa (Arribas, m.52); Stoichkov (Sandaza, m.87); and Rui Costa (Reko, m.60).

2 – Rayo Vallecano: Morro; Tito (Advíncula, m.33), Saveljich, Catena, Luna (Álvaro García, m.54); Mario Suárez (Andrés Martín, m.70); Isi Palazón, Comesaña (Villar, m.54), Trejo, De Frutos; and Qasmi.

Goals: 1-0: M.21 Ernesto; 1-1: M.45 Isi; 2-1: M.46 Ernesto; 3-1: M.69 Arribas; 3-2: M.74 Trejo, from a penalty.

Referee: Iglesias Villanueva (Galician Committee). He admonished Diéguez (m.39) and Bellvis (82), from Alcorcón; and Luna (23), Trejo (26), Catena (67), Advíncula (86) and De Frutos (90), del Rayo.

Incidents: match corresponding to day 36 of the SmartBank League played at the Santo Domingo de Alcorcón stadium (Madrid) without spectators in the stands.

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