Rudy Fernández: “We shouldn’t have so much pressure, what we have to do is enjoy”


The captain of the Spanish basketball team, Rudy Fernández, considered that they should not have “so much pressure” in this World Cup and that what they should do is “enjoy”, especially in view of the vital duel this Sunday against Canada where they will play the pass to the quarterfinals.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have so much pressure because I see the faces of some teammates and they seem to be under a lot of pressure, they’re not enjoying themselves and what we have to do is enjoy. In the end, it’s being able to enjoy living in a World Cup and being among the best teams in the world and that’s what we have to do, enjoy on the track, which I think we’re not being seen to enjoy in these games”, Rudy Fernández told the media after training on Saturday.

The captain recalled that they were “very honest” after the defeat against Latvia, assuring that they were not “the best team or the aggressive team that has to be seen in this championship.” “We are aware that the game is vital and that is what will give us to be at the moment, in the second phase, in the quarterfinals, or go home,” he said.

The veteran forward asked people to “keep trusting.” “I never tire of saying that, when things go wrong is when we need it the most and now with the energy that the people from there transmit to us, surely together we will be able to lift this stone and move on,” he remarked.

For his part, Juancho Hernangómez made it clear that “you can’t go to a game thinking you’re going to lose.” “Whoever doesn’t believe, well, if he doesn’t come and nothing happens, let’s continue, fight all together,” stressed the Panathinaikos player.

The man from Madrid pointed out that you beat a rival like Canada “knowing that they are better, more physical, better individually.” “You win by playing as a team, passing the ball to us, defending, being a wall and all together,” appealed the international.

“There is no magic card that will do you in a game, there are many things that depend. You have to go fight, give everything, every rebound, every position, cheer us on, the bench, the coaches, the players, the entire country. We know that it is very difficult, but it is necessary to go to by it”, sentenced.


His brother Willy believes that it is time for the veterans to share “the experience of other championships” ahead of a game in which they will have their “opportunities”. “We know them very well, from the match we played in Granada, with people with whom we have played against them or with them in the United States. A match of this importance is something that we all like and we go with one hundred percent of win, of illusion and to give everything and more”, commented.

“I think that Canada is a physical game, it’s not just five players, but the entire bench, who are capable of playing from the point guard to the pivot. Olenik can raise the ball, he can shoot, he can do many things, Shai (Gilgeous-Alexander) can play with the talent of the top scorers in the NBA, but we are going to put them in trouble and we are going to prepare well,” he continued.

The pivot is clear that they trust “in Sergio’s (Scariolo) plan.” “We just have to run it 200 percent and things will work out,” he warned, asking to be themselves. “We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves, look at the scoreboard and enjoy more, play with each other and enjoy competing, which is what we have always done,” he assured.