Former friends Pedro Sánchez and Rubiales are now Pimpinela: “It’s over”

“Go away, forget my name, my face, my house, and turn around”, is the phrase of the success of Pimpernel that best describes how the relationship between Pedro Sanchez y Luis Rubiales. The controversy of the kiss without consent of the suspended president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation to the footballer Jenni Beautiful He has you in his sights.

One of the first to reproach his attitude was his friend, or already a former friend, the acting President of the Government. “What we saw was an unacceptable gesture, but Mr. Rubiales’ apologies are also not enough and are not even adequate,” said Pedro Sánchez after the images that went around the world at the end of the World Cup.

This Saturday, the leader of the PSOE has gone further during an act in Malaga. “The Marca España is the exemplary reaction of the players of the national team and the spectacular reaction of Spanish society that has said together with them ‘it’s over’. And that ‘it’s over’ is with all the consequences, also for the leaders who have been involved in these unfortunate events”, he considers.

“A long time ago, very few were at the forefront of the real and effective fight for equality between men and women. Today, on the other hand, there is a giant, unstoppable wave of women who have decided never to submit to their boyfriends again. , their husbands, their bosses, presidents of federations and the sursum corda. It’s over,” Sánchez has expressed, once again, against Rubiales.

The Canarian manager, for his part, has also thrown the occasional dart at the Government, with the socialist at the helm. “I am especially concerned that some of those who should proclaim and contribute to guaranteeing the separation of powers in our country, insist on taking part and pressing against me, instead of letting justice act with all the guarantees, staying on the sidelines. Throughout this period I have suffered an unprecedented political and media lynching from which I have remained completely on the fringes”, Rubiales has claimed in a statement.

The icy greeting of Pedro Sánchez to Rubiales at the reception of the women's team

Rubiales’ friendship with Pedro Sánchez

The good relationship between Pedro Sánchez and Luis Rubiales came to light in 2019 with the appearance of some text messages that were exchanged: “Good morning, president. Great interview today. In sport we need you to win because you are the only one who understands that we are a tool for social change and improvement and equality. Alejandro Blanco and I have campaigned for you at all times. A big hug and good luck. Sunday to win”, wrote the RFEF manager.

In another conversation, it was read: “President, good luck. Today you close a magnificent campaign. In 10 months you have set the course” or “President, with all the prudence in the world: how happy I am fucking”, the latter after beginning to know each other the electoral results on the night of April 28, 2019.